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Investors eyeing govt supports

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In their interviews with The Kabul Times reporter, a number of private investors willing government’s supports said, if our government support us, we produce better products and supply them to domestic and foreign markets.
Jawad Tawakoli an incharge of Zaranj Co who had displayed his products in a booth in the exhibition of “It is great It is Afghani” said, Afghanistan is developing and these products could talk somethings to visitors. Our products are not only for domestic needs but for exports too.
Tawakoli added, since six years, our company has been producing Zaranj model Tricycle and its spare parts and located in Herat industrial park. “Daily, we produce 20-30 Zaranj tricycles, montage and pack them and supply them to not only domestic, but also to foreign markets in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and Sudan. We have sales branches in some provinces.”
He added, we have employed 20 workers and experts and ask the government to increase imports tariffs on foreign tricycles into Afghanistan and enable domestic products to flourish in local markets.
Ahmad Rahmani another investor and local trader who exports fresh and dried fruits asks the government to support private investors and national traders and enable them to exports- imports to domestic and foreign markets.
He added, Rahmani Co collects fresh fruits and after sorting, exports them to India, Jeddah and Dubai through available air corridors and in current year, we have exported ten tonnes fresh fruits to India including 700 tonnes apples from Wardak province.
Touching the urgent problem, he said, all the horticultures complain on lack of spring houses. In the last week exhibition different companies like mineral water, handicrafts steel production, publishing houses, medicinal herbs, carpets had displayed their products and have held contracts with local and foreign companies for marketing of their products.

Shukria Kohistani

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