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Intra-Afghan dialogue ends; Taliban agree to reduce violence

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By: Lailuma Noori

Intra-Afghan dialogue meeting in Doha ended with a resolution. It took hours to be approved by both Taliban and Afghan delegates. Afghan political and social faces who participated in the meeting for peace in Afghanistan and Taliban representatives finally agreed on the resolution to reduce violence by stopping attacks on religious centers, schools, hospitals, educational centers, markets, water dams and work places.
They had one voice that the people of Afghanistan were the real victims of the ongoing war. Participants in the meeting declared their support from ongoing talks between US delegation and Taliban negotiators in Qatar and considered it as effective for ending the imposed war in the country.
Meanwhile, all participants of the meeting approved an article in connection with religious minorities’ rights in the country as protested by Anarkali Hunaryar.
Participants of the meeting have said that reaching peace in consideration to points included the implementation of lasting and dignified peace which is the desire of all the people of Afghanistan is possible in widespread meeting between Afghans.
According to the resolution, all Afghans are committed to a united and Islamic country, putting aside all ethnic differences and following steps should be taken to build a trust environment for peace and keep the nation safe from the war and its consequences.
US peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad in a tweet congratulated reaching of participants to common points, saying that the meeting ended in positive environment. “It’s past midnight and the intra-Afghan Conference on Peace just concluded on a very positive note. I congratulate the participants – Afghan society representatives across generations, senior govt officials, Taliban – for finding common ground,” Khalizad tweeted.
Participants in the meeting have said that they believe that the intra-Afghan dialogue is seriously needed to end the ongoing war and crisis in Afghanistan. In the meantime, the participants urged the international community, regional countries, the United Nations, the European Union and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to approve and support the joint resolution of the Intra-Afghan Dialogue Conference on peace in Doha.
In the conference, protection and safety of the people were insisted and all sides to the meeting have said that steps should be taken for reduction of violence in the country.
Following steps should be taken to build a trust environment for peace and keep the nation safe from the war and its consequences. (a) – Unconditional release of elder, disabled and ill inmates. (b) – Ensuring the safety of public institutions including schools, madrassas, hospitals, markets, water dams, and workplaces. (c) – Respect educational institutions. (d) – Respect and protect the dignity of the people, their life and property and minimize civilian casualties to zero.  
The resolution also stressed on ensuring the women rights in political, social, economic, educational and cultural areas within the framework of Islamic values.
Participants in the conference agreed on a roadmap for peace based on institutionalizing Islamic system in the country, starting of the peace process simultaneously with the accomplishment of all terms and conditions set forth, monitoring and observation of the peace agreement, required reforms and supporting of basic institutions, repatriation of migrants and returning of internally displaced persons and supporting and assistance from donor countries for a peace agreement based on the new cooperation and relations.
It is worth mentioning that it was the third meeting of the intra-Afghan dialogue held with participation of Afghan political and social figures and Taliban representatives. Previously, similar meeting had been held in Moscow.

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