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Intra-Afghan dialogue a priority

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By: Suraya Raiszada

While efforts at national and international levels are underway to reach peace in Afghanistan, the US ambassador in Kabul expresses hope that 7th round of peace talks would manage to pave the way for starting of intra-Afghani dialogue.
Addressing a press conference in Kabul the US ambassador John Bass said, I predict that current peace talks between the US and Taliban representatives could open the way for starting of intra Afghani talks and provide ground to a reliable peace for Afghanistan.
Although the US ambassador called difficult successing of 7th round of talks but said that, it is very important that the Afghan society be ready to exploit this opportunity.
He added, the Taliban have understood from the past negotiations that they cannot receive a deadline on withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, because their withdrawal depends upon time conditions. If they are seeking such chance, should pave the way it would happen namely they should sit with other sections of society and discuss big difference including governance and system.
Prior to this, the US authorities had said that they have achieved agreements on two issues with Taliban and expected to finalize agreement on war on terror and troops withdrawal during the 7th round of their talks.
John Bass said that his country is waiting a reputable guarantee from Taliban to convince the US that in the wake of peace agreement, Afghanistan would not be changed once again to a terror sanctuary.
The US special representative for Afghan peace Zalmay Khalilzad in his six rounds of peace talks with Taliban had discussed four main issues including war on terror, withdrawal of US troops, intra-Afghan dialogue and a sustainable ceasefire.
Regional experts Amin Khpulwak said, all countreis of the world know this that until direct talks between the Afghan government and Taliban is not taking place, no external talks would produce expected results.
He added, Taliban should enter talks with Afghans because talks with others would result to no positive outcome for Afghan peace and stability.
In believe of this expert, Taliban cannot achieve, their goals through war, if they want to meet their demands, should embark to the path of peace. Continuation of war in Afghanistan lacks religious legitimacy. So they should give up war and violence.
Jamal Ferahman another political analyst said, no efforts without presence of the Afghan government would bring peace to Afghanistan. So direct peace talks with Taliban should be led by the Afghan government.
Lawmaker Hashimi said, there is a regional consensus for peace now but, if the concerned countries take sincere steps.
Political commentator Zubair Shafiyee said, so far the results of 7 rounds of talks between Americans and Taliban are not clear. Without presence of Afghans, no country can bring peace to this country.
Therefore the US should decide in close cooperation and coordination of Afghans on peace.
Expressing different opinions on peace, our citizens said that only in case of ceasing of external interference, peace will be restored in this land.

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