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Int’l seminar commemorates Darwazi’s personality, achievements

۱۴اسد سمینار بین المللی محمد ولی خان دروازی ع محمودشاه 1
Dr. Abdullah delivering speech in Mohammad Wali Khan Darwazi seminar

KABUL: International Seminar in commemoration of the personality and achievements of Mohamamd Wali Khan Darwazi, the minister of foreign affairs of Afghanistan during the Kingdom of Amanullah Khan was held at Storay Palace of Ministry of Foreign Affairs here yesterday.
The two-day seminar was attended by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, cabinet members, parliamentarians, members of Diplomatic mission in Kabul, scholars and government officials.
Delivering the opening remarks, Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani spoke about Darwazi’s personality and achievements as well as his struggles and ideals as a constitutionalist.
The minister went on saying that his ministry was proud of commemorating the seminar on the then prime minister of Afghanistan Musa Shafiq last year and was holding another seminar on Darwazi’s works and achievements.
“Almost 89 years ago, Darwazi was sentenced to death at this Storay Hall of the MoFA and then martyred in Dehmazang jail. Not only supported and recognized constitutionalism and put end to despotism, Darwazi was also favoring democratic systems,” Minister Rabbani added.
Meanwhile Rahmatullah Bezhanpour, a writer and a cultural activist, shared with the participants highlights of an in-depth study he conducted into Darwazi’s personality.
Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah praised Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Information and Culture and Kabul University for conducting such seminar, saying Darwazi’s works and achievements had a message for today’s generation which was education and that it was key to success and Afghanistan’s development depended to people’s education.
“Today we see the forces of darkness putting our schools on fire and sparing no effort to prevent boys and girls get access to education,” Dr. Abdullah said, adding Darwazi’s message was that one cannot reach target through violence, but through continued struggles for freedom.
“Darwazi is still remembered and that is not because he was the minister of foreign affairs, but due to his struggles for freedom and wisdom.”
Following the opening of the seminar, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah and Foreign Minister Rabbani proceeded to the Protocol Hall where Darwazi’s photo exhibition was organized. 
They also unveiled the nameplate of a conference hall named after Mohammad Wali Khan Darwazi.
The Seminar continued with a panel on Dawazi’s cultural and academic personality led by Deputy Minister of Publication for Ministry of Information and Culture here yesterday afternoon.
Two other panels to also discuss Darwazi’s political and administrative aspects as well as Afghanistan’s foreign policy after him today.
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