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Int’l community should guarantee Afghans fight against terrorism


Terror attack on the MoCIT shows that how much the Afghan people are vulnerable from terrorism. Taliban has not claimed responsibility of the attack but its clear that not claiming responsibility of this attack by Taliban doesn’t mean that they have not carried out it. No one could order resolutely that Taliban have not carried out this attack. Prior to this Taliban had claimed such attacks.
Now that peace talks and political solution have been dominating, Taliban take such a position that would not create any problem to them in politics sphere.
This is also not unlikely that other terrorist groups including ISIL or regional terrorists would had carried out this suicide attack. If this guess that is never unlogical, be adaptable to reality, in that case, the problem of terrorism, should be seriously discussed in the process of political settlement of Afghan war.
The political settlement of Afghan war should not merely mean that the superpowers and Afghanistan would come to an agreement with Taliban and then pave the way for withdrawal of American forces. Guarantee of war on terror, in other words, removal of terror threat should also be part of Taliban and superpowers commitment for political settlement of wars, if what has been called political settlement of war, be implemented, but the Afghan people be also victim of terror and in this case no advantage would be gained.
Political settlement of war is only valuable to Afghan people that the problem of terrorism be settled. At present, mainly its Taliban who carryout most of wars and violences. If they give up war somehow, the superpowers and Afghan security forces should undertake such measures that other groups fail to raze to the ground the Afghan people with launching of terror attacks. It is needed that even after an agreement on political settlement with Taliban too, the superpowers and the world community strategically support Afghan security forces to prevent terrorism.
The government and all those forces who consider themselves involved in Afghanistan political future, should have concluded that continuation of NATO cooperation with ANSF for ensuring security and war on terror is very important.
At present, all resources, possibilities and energy of ANSF and RSM are being spent on war against Taliban and defending provincial capitals, highways and big cities. In the future such measures should be undertaken that all world countries and international organizations should commit on war on terror.
In talks with Taliban, the US and other superpowers want to receive this guarantee that no danger would be posed to them from Afghanistan territory and Afghan political forces. The US and its allies and other powers are allowed to carryout certain measures for ensuring of their security, but the Afghan people are also allowed to be secure from terror threat. This guarantee should also be given to Afghan people in the wake of political settlement of war, that terrorism doesn’t target them.
A series of frank commitments and measures should take place so the Afghan people know that would not be victimized by trible, religious and idealogic terrorism the next day following the political settlement of Afghan war.
The superpowers and regional countries should guarantee that even following the implementation of political settlement of war, war on terror would continue in Afghanistan. The world people should not underestimate Anti-Afghan terrorism. Without a frank guarantee of war on terror, political settlement has no benefit for the Afghan people. Political settlement of war should provide a supporting umbrella for the Afghan people against terror attacks and gift security to them. The government and Pan political forces as well as Afghan civil ativists should talk on this issue with the world community.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.