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Int’l community approves ‘Regional Counter Narcotics Strategy’


Regional Counter Narcotics Strategy has been finalized and the government of Afghanistan is now working on the strategy’s implementing plan.The strategy which was delivered by ministry of counter narcotics almost a month ago in Vienna, capital city of Austria has been now approved by the international community.
A spokesperson to ministry of counter narcotics Hanif Daneshyar has told media that it is determined the strategy would be soon signed. According to Daneshyar, currently Afghanistan government is working on implementing plan of the strategy.
“The strategy has been finalized and is ready to be signed and implemented. We hope that by implementing the respective strategy we can prevent from trafficking and transit of narcotics to other countries. Previously, Afghanistan had worked in level of MoUs with neighboring countries,” Daneshyar said.
He added that Regional Counter Narcotics Strategy plan was shared with representatives of 13 countries including regional countries, USA, EU and UN in Vienna.
According to ministry of counter narcotics, Regional Counter Narcotics Strategy encompasses counter drug-traffickers, execution of alternative livelihood programs for Afghan farmers, treatment of drug-addicts and investigation programs in field of counter narcotics.
Previously, regional and neighboring countries had fought narcotics under framework of bilateral and multilateral agreements, but the efforts will be followed based on the new strategy, the ministry says.
Former deputy of policy and strategy for counter narcotics Dr. Zafar believes that regional and neighboring countries have big part in problem of Afghanistan narcotics; therefore, the implementing plan of the strategy should be somehow prepared that can make them responsible.
“Regional countries do not accept most of our issues. They have started war in Afghanistan and the issue of narcotics belong to them and if now the government of Afghanistan precisely work on the strategy, the plan can be implementable,” Dr. Zafar said.
He suggested that it was necessary that neighboring countries should responsively make effort towards prevention of drug-trafficking and transit of chemicals to Afghanistan.
Afghanistan government says chemicals worth millions of dollars are trafficked annually to Afghanistan for production of heroin and opium.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghans by supporting such strategies and plans stressed on serious counter narcotics and controlling cultivation of poppy in the country.
Sharif, a resident of Kabul, says today all the world countries are concerned over increasing of poppy cultivation in the country, but unfortunately they have not seriously fought narcotics so far as narcotics and poppy cultivation have unprecedentedly increased in recent years.
It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan is still one of the biggest producers of narcotics in the world despite of continued efforts made by the Afghan government and international community towards fighting the phenomenon in the past ten years.
Shukria Kohistani

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