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International partners’ efforts for peace in Afghanistan

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As efforts are underway in national and regional level for maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan, international partners of the country in particular US have started serious efforts for peace talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group.
Afghanistan government officials say although there is still no new development in connection with peace talks, there are hopes that peace talks between the government and the Taliban group will be soon started.
A spokesperson to presidential office Haroon Chakhansuri has said that efforts by Afghanistan government and international partners are underway for kicking off intra Afghan peace talks.
“Our international partners in coordination with Afghanistan government are working for starting the intra-Afghani peace talks and we’re hopeful that the result will be positive as the people and government of Afghanistan seriously want peace in the country,” Chakhansuri said.
He added that the government of Afghanistan was ready to start peace talks with the Taliban group anywhere and at any level.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) says US officials are making effort to end the ongoing war through direct peace talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group.
Afghan political experts believe if regional and ultra-regional countries play honestly role in connection with peace process, it will be undoubtedly effective and constructive for maintaining peace in the country.
“Since establishment of High Peace Council (HPC), lots of world and regional countries have been making efforts towards maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan, so far, but they have not honestly cooperated with the Afghan government in ending the ongoing war and maintaining peace in the country” a political expert and university lecturer Aminzoy said.
He added that Pakistan militaries have unfortunately tried to insecure Afghanistan for the past few decades although the country had repeatedly said that peace in Afghanistan meant peace in Pakistan.
Another Afghan political expert Ali Rahmani believes it is an obvious fact that peace and stability are a principal desire of Afghanistan people, but why peace efforts usually end with no positive result- the issue which should be discussed in regional and international level. On the other hand, Afghans believe that peace can be maintained in Afghanistan only if foreign interferences are cut in internal affairs of Afghanistan.
Ahmad Fawad, a Kabul resident, said: “Afghanistan is the main victim of counter terrorism and war on terror is still ongoing in the country.”
He added that regional countries in particular countries located in neighboring of Afghanistan should honestly cooperate in Afghanistan peace process as maintaining peace in the country would result in maintaining peace and stability in the region and world. It is worth mentioning that various meetings and conferences have been held on Afghanistan peace in national and international level, but no efforts have brought peace to the war-torn country.
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