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International meetings considered to help Afghanistan peace efforts

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Various national and international meetings have been held for the past few years to pave the way for talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group, but no meetings have convinced the Taliban group to solve its problems with the government of Afghanistan through negotiations. On Friday, Moscow meeting was held with participation of representatives the Taliban group, High Peace Council and regional countries.
Inaugurating the meeting, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said he hopes Moscow summit will provide the ground for direct talks between Kabul and the Taliban. 
Lavrov said Afghanistan should not change into a competition field between powerful countries once again. 
He said Daesh with support from foreign countries wants to find a footprint in Afghanistan and from there expand its activities to the Central Asia and further. Lavrov said the countries attended in Moscow meeting want to help Afghanistan eradicate such a threat.
“Our countries are facing with international insurgency and one of their targets is Afghanistan. Daesh is the vanguard of these groups and with support from foreigners it try to make a place for itself in Afghanistan and from there expand to the Central Asia and further. The objective of all these countries is to support Afghans to eradicate this threat,” said Lavrov.  Afghan political experts and analysts believe that regional and international meetings can be significant for Afghanistan as the Afghan issue has changed now to an international issue. “In general, holding regional and international meetings can be very significant for Afghanistan as the issue of Afghanistan is a world issue. Afghanistan government should make use of such opportunities and make effort to share the country’s problems and challenges and peace efforts with regional and world countries,” said Aziz Rafiyee, head of Afghanistan Association of Civil Society Organizations.
“The more we can create a regional dependency, the more we can get close to peace, but unfortunately we have not create such dependency in the region. For example, Afghanistan depends on Pakistan’s borders and ports, but it has not been clear yet that Pakistan also depends somehow on Afghanistan or not,” Rafiyee stressed.
He further said that any regional dependencies could create world dependency too, adding that Afghans should not let other countries put Afghanistan as a ground for their political competitions. “If they really want to work and cooperate with Afghanistan government towards maintaining peace and stability in the country, they should exert necessary pressures on countries supporting terrorism,” he said.
It is believed that regional countries as Russian and China are among powerful countries in the region and want to play role in Afghanistan issue as insecurity in Afghanistan can put negative impacts on security issue of the region.
Afghan experts and analysts also consider coordination of world and regional countries towards Afghanistan peace efforts and counter terrorism as significant and hope Moscow meeting can find practical mechanism to end the ongoing war in the country. Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in a statement has said that Afghanistan was praising of any steps taken towards maintaining peace in the country and stressed on the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process.
Suraya Raiszada

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