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Interim govt. against nation’s will

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A number of individuals or groups who had high positions in previous and current governments, have now been chanting and raising their voices against the system, aiming to take power illegally which is against the will of nation. These factions are either mercenary militants of aliens or their leaders who are presidential candidates, that cannot convince the people to cast their ballots in their boxes, and have recently intensified their efforts for toppling of ruling administration and implementation of enemies’ plans on creation and establishing of a care-taker or interim government.
These applicants of caretaker or interim administration have fastened their belt based on desires of our sworn and historical and chronicle foes to threaten the government and nation and topple the ruling system. Why all these threats? The answer is clear. This disorder is in the benefit of enemy, and enemies have been ambushing for this purpose.
As much as the nation condemns the so-called care-taker or interim government and interpret it against the will and interests of its own and that of the country, once again a number of presidential candidates and their relevant teams, released statements and reiterated establishing of so-called care-taker or interim administration and warn that if this administration would not be established, they would create disorder and then responsibility would be upon the ruling government particularly president Ghani.
Taking into account, their consecutive anti-national and illegal demands, it seems that these groups want to take back this partially built country to 1970s. Their efforts are similar to 70s coup d’état against martyred president Sardar Daud Khan or after the failure of Russians and communists against Mujahedin interim government.
The nation remembers those years that these groups took power through coup d’état and till their death, they were not ready to give up power.
Today too, efforts for caretaker or interim administration resembling to those times and these efforts lack either national or legal aspects, but God forbidden, would once again sink the nation into a devastating civil war, but they would be heedless to it.
The nation doesn’t want to return to those years. These groups should not take power illegally and through coup d’état, they should refer to nation and ask it to bring them to power. Elections are important and vital to nation that would be organized in upcoming September. the Supreme Court has decided by interpretation of constitution that president should remain in power which was warmly welcomed by nation and global community.
Why these groups have stood against law and nation determination and warn disorder. They should understand that now they lack time to create disorder. If someone or group doesn’t believe their victory in presidential elections, better to sit calm and don’t create headache to nation according to wishes of enemies.
The nation has been awakened today and taking into account the bitter reality of caretaker or interim administrations, never wishes to repeat the poisonous experiences of the past that would cost its head and face the country with a threat.

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