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Intentional attacks concerning journalists

IED Khurshid TV large

By: M. W. Qasemi

The explosion targeted a bus carrying the employees of Khurshid TV, a private media outlet in Kabul.
A magnetic bomb targeted a bus carrying the employees of a private TV, killing at least two and wounding two others, reports said.
The blast, though, was not immediately claimed by any anti-government groups, once again took lives journalists, working for the reflection of truths.
Earlier this month, another private local radio station was targeted in the country’s eastern zone, where a group of unidentified armed men pulled out a journalist eyes and then beheaded him, before destroying the office.
Huge number of journalists has been killed either intentionally or unintentionally during military incidents or suicide attacks in the capital and provinces.
Earlier this year, militants loyal to the Taliban have blamed Afghan media for working as propaganda sources for the government and warned to target them, in the event of being found covering government’s anti-militants propaganda, something the group considers misinformation against the outfit or inaccurate anti-rebels coverage.
The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee, in a statement condemned the attack in which six people including five staffs of the Khurshid private TV were killed or wounded.
At about 5:30 evening in the fifth street of Taymani, on Sunday this week, a bus carrying Khurshid TV staffs was blown up by a magnetic bomb, the committee said in the statement. “Two people were killed and two others, including three employees of the TV wounded, following the blast.”
The bomb has been reportedly placed in a bicycle, stood at the roadside. “Afghan journalists’ safety committee condemns this inhumane crime and urges the Afghan government to live up to its promises of securing journalists and the media. The committee is currently monitoring how the injured are treated and is working to provide a better and better treatment,” according to the statement. Media are now the victims of terrorist activities more than others – particularly after the Taliban threatened to target them.
“We don’t know what to do, as we are being threatened every day,” Mohammad Shaker Zarbi, the Editor-in-Chief of National Anis daily; a government-run newspaper told The Kabul Times.
He said they are reflecting the truth, not working for any of the government good or bad and regretted that some of his led office members have left the job, after the militants threats and killing of many journalists in the very recent incidents.
Abdul Hadi Rawan who said he has quiet office for many reasons only related to his activities and work for the media, few years ago.
“I want to work for my people and country by reflecting the truth and helping the people get aware of any incident, but don’t want to be killed for this,” said Rawan who has left his office as political commentator for the government run Hiwad daily.

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