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Insurgents should stop terror attacks until peace agreement reached


A suicide attack took place on counterpart institution last week.
According to the interior ministry spokesperson Nasrat Rahimi, 5 killed and 24 others including a foreigner sustained injuries in the attack.
President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani, UN deputy office and US ambassador in Kabul flayed the attack. Taliban claimed responsibility of the attack.
The terrorist attacks indicate that terrorists are not only the advocates of Islamic values, but also they know nothing about Islam, holy Quran and Sunna.
Those who carry out subversive activities enjoy killing innocent people and lack any type of religious and Islamic knowledge.
To analyze Kabul’s recent terrorist attack, it should be pointed out that there is no doubt that those who commit terror attacks are being supported by foreign intelligence agencies. Pakistan supports Taliban and send them to Afghanistan to fight against Afghan security forces.
However, Pakistan has committed to international community to fight terrorism, but it has not practically stepped up in this respect.
Therefore, security entities should be serious and active to prevent terrorist incidents.
However, any explosion or terrorist attack negatively affect citizens, but the people ask officials to do their best and ensure security in a proper way.
Over the last four decades, millions of Afghans have been disabled, maimed, orphaned and widowed and the country sustained billions of dollars damages.
Continued war has been the main obstacle before changing the country into a development highway. Therefore, what should be done against such crimes, violence and undeclared war?
Thus, Taliban should respect international humanitarian regulations until peace agreement is reached between the two sides and prevent increase in killing innocent civilians.
Figures suggest that over the last months, despite peace efforts with the Taliban, suicide attacks have not been decreased in the country.
Terrorists have once again caused the people hate and curse them by carrying out recent terror attack in the capital Kabul, during which many civilians have been killed and injured.

Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.