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Infrastructural projects play key role in economic growth, Govt.

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There is no doubt that the infrastructural projects can play imperative role in the country’s economic growth and cause to bolster trade relations among the countries.
During interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, a university lecturer and economic expert Taj Muhammad said that Afghanistan was a country with much investment opportunities.
However, billions of dollars have been pumped into the country, but unfortunately, no attention has so far been paid to infrastructures, he added.
He stressed that infrastructural projects can play significant role in the country’s economic growth and help bolster relations with regional and world countries, thus, donor countries should assist in this respect so the country can reach self-sufficiency in the future.
At the same time, finance ministry in-charges say that attention to infrastructural projects is among the government’s priorities, because, it helps to develop other sections and create domestic and foreign investment opportunities in different sectors.
They believe that establishing regional transit routes has caused to enhance Afghanistan’s trade ties in the region.
An economic expert Azrakhsh Hafezi believes that each country’s economy stands on three points, first, national economy, second, regional economy and third, world economy and as an independent country, Afghanistan’s economy should be stand on these three points.
He added fortunately, with its geo-economic position, Afghanistan has an historical role in connecting regional and world countries and over the last fifteen years, attention has been paid to important projects such as TAPI that is the biggest in its kind.
CASA-1000 is the second project that if practiced, Afghanistan would earn much economic interest, he went on to say. He says that the government is obliged to pay further heed on construction of roads, bridges, railways, airports and other public facilities such as hospitals and clinics. According to him, the government should have a comprehensive plan to practice its economic plans on private sector, through which more attention would be paved to infrastructures, but lack of a proper economic plan and good governance have caused less attention to be paid to infrastructural projects.
Lawmakers stress that attention to infrastructural projects can help Afghanistan reach self-sufficiency in the field of economy.
“Afghanistan is among the countries where plays the role of a linking bridge among Asian countries,” a lawmaker Hashimi said.
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