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Informational society, its specifications


Informational society is a society where the life quality changes.
All people’s life sections have been relied to information and communications and economic, legal and education works are done by power and network.
In an informational society, all news and reports are consecutively presented to addressees.
Dangers, risks, live and financial costs would considerably decrease in an informational society. Because, majority of educational, economic, cultural and social programs are done through virtual tools.
Identity of people, cards, banking systems, electronic governance, domestic and foreign security are done based on power and technology in an informational society.
The factor behind our society’s problems is its non-being informational. Most of an informational society’s specifications are existed in Afghanistan.
In addition to specifications and privileges, an informational society can create a series of harms and aftermaths for humans’ life.
In an informational society, the people are imprisoned in their self-made prisons, an action followed with wrong usage of technology.
Technology dominates human thoughts.
In fact, there are many solutions to use the information tools and possibilities.
In an informational society, the citizens should be familiar with life skills.
1. Development of information and technology enjoys countless privileges andmost of the works and programs are done remotely. Afghanistan is in dire need of being informational and the relevant in-charges should take practical steps in this respect.
2. Bolstering infrastructures, communication section, increasing cooperation among the elites and government, learning from developed countries are among the key solutions towards Afghanistan’s being informational.
3. If Afghanistan to be informational and infrastructures are developed, suicide attacks, corruption, burning opportunities, lack of transparencies and displeasures would be prevented. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.