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Industry Week marked in Kabul

۲۶ثور۱۳۹۸رییس اجراییه کشور واردات برخی از اقلام دوایی و صحی ممنوع می گرددع محمد ولی 18

KABUL: Ministry of Public Health commemorated the Industry Week in a ceremony, attended also by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.
In the ceremony held the other day, chief executive by expressing happiness over increasing of medications industry in the country said self-sufficiency in 15 staples of pharmaceutical drugs in the country was a big achievement in health sector.
Considering prevention of trafficking in all fields in particular importing of medications as significant, chief executive promised he would talk to relevant officials in connection with prevention of trafficking of medications and other items were also discussed in the meeting.
Dr. Abdullah stressed that for further expansion of domestic pharmaceutical factories in the country, all doctors should prescribed domestic drugs for their patients and owners of manufacturing companies should make the people aware of using their products.
Meanwhile, minister of public health Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz said that commemoration of the Industry Week was aimed at expansion and supporting domestic products, saying that enhancement of quality of medications, expansion of the domestic products and providing facilities to investors to invest in the country are in priorities of the ministry of public health.
“Currently, from nearly 60 manufacturing companies, which have been created in Afghanistan, 40 are operating and producing medications, while 20 of them are about to be created,” Dr. Feroz said.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.