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Industrial parks to be fined if not installing air filtration system

Afghanistan Industrial Parks

By: Kohistani

Afghanistan national environment protection authority says 90 percent of air pollution in the country is caused by vehicles, energy and industrial companies.
Head of the authority Shah Zaman Maiwandi has warned industrial parks and manufacturing companies that they would be fined and introduced to judicial organs if they did not install air filtration system.
“Our authority has found that 30 percent of air pollution in Kabul and other big cities is caused by residential houses, 25 percent caused by vehicles, 20 percent caused by industrial parks, 15 percent caused by un-asphalted roads and streets and 10 percent of air pollution is caused by others,” Maiwandi said.
He has asked for installation air filtration system and using clean energy-related machineries, adding that all should play their role in counter air pollution in the country, or the government would take serious action against all those involved in increasing air pollution in the country.
Meanwhile, Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh has asked relevant government organs to do more for the reduction of air pollution in the country.
“Environment and environment protection services neither a luxury item nor imported item, but the environment is a need for human being,” Danesh added.
Air pollution is the main cause of killing 7 million people annually around the world. Kabul is considered as one of the polluted cities in South Asia.
Each year, by arriving the winter season residents of Kabul city face with increasing air pollution. Although relevant and responsible government organs last year took practical steps towards counter and reduction of air pollution in the country, efforts in this regard are not sufficient.
A number of residents of Kabul city say the people in close cooperation with Kabul municipality are responsible to have particular attention to cleanliness and environment protection.
Besides, they should avoid using and burning plastics, leather and vehicles’ tires as they put negative impacts on air pollution.
In addition to all these challenges, Afghan environment experts believe that despite the fact that there is law that prevents people from throwing trashes on public location such as roads and streets, unfortunately people have ignored it and throw all their trashes on each corner.
On the other hand, Kabul municipality is accused of negligence in its duty, while the institution is one of responsible organs.
The main task of municipality is to collect trashes, but unfortunately there is no sound management in collecting trashes in the country.
Previously, officials for the country’s National Environment Protection Authority had said that Increased air pollution in Afghanistan in recent years reportedly killed more people than the current civil war in the country.

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