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India having effective role in regional relations with Afghanistan, experts


By: Suraya Raiszada

Following a three-day official visit of Afghanistan Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar to India, a number of Afghan political experts in their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent have said India has effective role in its regional relations with Afghanistan.
Hashimi, a university lecturer, by pointing to role of India in the region says India is among countries that which is still keeping its effective role in regional relations with Afghanistan; therefore, the country’s role in Afghan peace process is also effective.
“One of the issues that has prolonged Afghanistan peace process is the game of regional countries as a number of countries with supporting terrorist groups want to have role in our country’s peace process,” Hashimi stressed, believing that Afghanistan has good relations with all countries in the region and is expecting others to be honest in relations with the people of Afghanistan. He said regional consensus in Afghanistan peace process was considered as key; therefore, role of regional countries particularly India was important in intra-Afghan talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban. “Afghanistan dispute is not limited to only the Afghan people but to all world and regional countries; therefore, regional consensus is key in Afghanistan peace process, or challenges won’t be addressed,” Hashimi stressed. Asadullah, another Afghan political expert, believes that India is one of the powerful countries in the region and has good relations with almost all countries particularly Afghanistan; therefore, the country can play vital role in Afghan peace process.
“There are almost common interests between regional countries and these interests can result in creating common positions as countries are ready to ignore minor interests for reaching bigger interests,” Asadullah said, adding that India and Pakistan as two members of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) can work together and show further flexibility for maintaining peace in the region. Meanwhile, another Afghan political expert Jamal Farahmand says changes that have created now in the region have given chance to all countries in the region to work together and effectively use of the opportunities for maintaining peace and security in the region.
“If regional countries particularly India and Pakistan want to prevent from increasing activities of terrorist groups as Daesh, Taliban and al-Qaeda, they should take serious steps towards counter terrorism and maintaining peace in Afghanistan,” Farahmand said.
According to Afghan political experts, New Delhi has followed numerous policies, but the country’s ideologic concerns in Afghanistan are focusing on somehow guaranteeing balance between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan has kept somehow regional balance in its foreign policy with neighboring and regional countries and has never interfered in internal affairs of others; therefore, Afghanistan government has always asked others to observe similar policy with Afghanistan.

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