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Increment of women, children mal-nutrition concerning, MoPH

By: Shukria Kohistani 

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) expressed its concern about increment of number of women and children who are suffering from mal-nutrition in Afghanistan that now, a great number of them are living in a bad economic situation because of internal displacement and insecurity.
After abandonment of their residential houses are living under tents in some parts of the city and have no sufficient livelihood.
In a briefing with The Kabul Times they demanding government to prepare a suitable living condition for them.
One of these DPs, Mir Hamza who came from insecure Helmand province to Kabul says that since he left native place he is not afford to prepare the expenditure of his family.
There are tens of families who are living under such condition.
According to Ministry of Public Health, the case of mal-nutrition of children and women has been increased comparing previous years in the country.
The incharges in program of mal-nutrition at the ministry of public health has asserted that although this ministry did its best to treat those who are suffering from mal-nutrition but what is necessary, these activities are not sufficient.
The incharge of program of mal-nutrition at the ministry of public health Dr. Shafiqullah Safi told media in the connection that considering possibilities are available, we make effort to implement this program in 22 provinces where are more vulnerable and the event of the same are much comparing other provinces. Because of this, we would have some shortcomings in Kabul and other provinces.
This stems from lack of enough possibilities in our hand.
Dr. Safi added that to cover the acute cases of mal-nutrition, there are health centers in 34 provinces.
According to him, from among those children who are suffering from mal-nutrition, its 216 cases are acute and its 317 cases are average that were investigated.
Mother of child, Maryam says that since one year, her child is suffering from mal-nutrition. According to Maryam, despite she brought her child to government and private hospitals and spent much money, but so far, his problem didn’t removed and now, her child is under treatment in Indira Gandhi Child Health Hospital.
Despite Maryam, Mohammad Zaman, another child is also suffering from mal-nutrition.
Because of lack of standard possibilities, in this respect, he complains.
Mohammad Zaman says that my child is suffering from mal-nutrition. I am vagabond and searching for a suitable physician and hospital, but all efforts are vain.
In state-run hospitals, less attention being paid in regard with mal-nutrition.
The fresh report released by UNICEF in Afghanistan shows that two million children under five and 485000 pregnant women are suffering from mal-nutrition in 22 provinces of the country.
Physicians say that lack of sufficient and suitable food for children under five causes, they suffer from mal-nutrition.
According to them, mal-nutrition causes the reduction of growth of children and remains bad impact in their minds.
This is in a time that lack of sufficient food and non referring to physicians on its due time cause the number of children who suffer from mal-nutrition get increased.

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