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Increasing violence against women concerning, AIHRC

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Following occurring of several fresh violence against women in some provinces, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) saying that increasing violence against women is indicator of Afghan women unpleasant situation and people particularly women are strongly concerned.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Marzia a teacher said, unfortunately violence exists either at home or society. I am a teacher in a girl’s school. During teaching my students narrate family violence which is really disturbing to me. In my opinion only, we can put an end to this ugly phenomenon if we convince the males on women rights and their Islamic rights. “Men should support women and do not insult them.”
She said, “in our country women are not living independently. They are dependent to men despite of their efforts for upbringing of their children. Until this situation doesn’t change we cannot prevent violence. If women are living relatively in peace in the capital city, but majority of them are deprived of education, right of chosing a spouse etc in provinces and rural areas.”
Talking to media, in charge of women support and rights development at AIHRC Latifa Sultani said, the Afghan women are still facing with acute violence of murder, abuse, beheading, spraying of acid to their faces etc.
Sultani went on to say, in the first five months of 1397 we have recorded 1332 cases of violence including 224 cases of economic violence, 57 cases of sexual abuse. 44 physical violence, 453 cases of mental and verbal violence and 187 cases of cultural violence. The AIHRC asks the government to invite attention to improve women situation and persecute and punish violators and perpetrators.
In a recent case of violence against women, a young woman was sexually abused by four men. Several years before, a 7 years old married girl was killed by her husband’s family mercilessly.
Prior to this, reports were released on murder, abuse, kidnap and beating of women in other provinces.
According to AIHRC, honor killing, sexual abuse, premature marriage, beating, poverty and insulting are common violence against women in Afghanistan.
AIHRC adds that lack of criminals’ punishment, culture of immunity from punishment, corruption, lack of women access to justice, increasing addiction to drugs, and unacceptable traditions caused violence to increase.
Admitting existence of acute violence, spokeswoman of MoWA Roya Dadras claims that family violencehave decreased comparing to previous years but acute violence increased.
A women rights advocate and activist ShukriaJalalzay said that until the agents and perpetrators of violence against women have not been openly tried and prosecuted, this nasty phenomenon would not be eliminated.
AIHRC and MoWA ask religious scholars and Emams to cooperate on providing information on women rights and reduction of violence against women.
Shukria Kohistani

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