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Increasing public uprisings against Taliban

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After losing hope for success of the Doha talks and Taliban’s increasing violence in rural districts and villages of the country, people in different provinces took arms to fight Taliban and their foreign friends, which in recent days the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces together with local people have killed dozens of Taliban militants and took control of the fallen districts.
The recent public uprisings speak of growing hatred against insurgency among Afghans. Violence, bombings, poisonings of schoolgirls and setting schools ablaze, threats and kidnappings and obstruction of reconstruction projects are among the causes that have driven disgusted Afghans to rise up against militants.
Meanwhile Taliban’s dual game regarding the peace process, the group’s targeted killings as well as their recent wave of violence against innocent people have forced thousands of elders, influential and even political figures to take arm beside their security forces and fight the group, that have brought nothing, but darkness and ignorant to the war-torn country.
Meanwhile, in the not-so-far future, Afghans will have to defend their country on their own. The process of transition of security responsibilities from NATO and US to Afghan for es is expected to complete in the next few months. After the complete withdrawal of US-led troops from Afghanistan, the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have to defend Afghanistan.
Although the brave Afghan forces are independently conducting operations against militants in each and every corner of the country, but they will shoulder further responsibilities post foreign troops withdrawal from the country.
Indeed, it would be difficult for Afghan forces to fulfill that responsibility until and unless it has support from within the people. The recent uprisings should be boosted, and the combat morale of the Afghan forces needed to be increased so that to better fight insurgents and eliminate their safe havens inside the country.
At the same time, local people are also useful sources of information about insurgents and their activities, especially in volatile provinces. In Afghan society, it is very difficult for security forces to recognize the insurgents who hide among civilian population, wearing clothing similar to that of local people.
It is the common Afghans who have better knowledge about people activities in their districts. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of every Afghans to report suspicious people and movements to Afghan forces so that timely and accurate actions to be taken against them.
Meanwhile Afghans worry about the recent uprisings too, saying they shouldn’t turn into militias and their activities should be monitored regularly. Indeed, their public uprisings against militants must be guided and monitored by the Afghan government or else such movements may be accompanied with unwanted outcomes.
Such uprisings deliver the message that Afghans no longer want the Taliban to govern them, and they already hate them, as the group has been involved with mass killing of the Afghan people and destruction of infrastructures.
Public uprisings are a must against the insurgent group in each and every corner of the country, but they should be regulated and coordinated with Afghan forces, so that to prevent their casualties as well as avoid any future outcomes that to push the country once again into chaos and civil war.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.