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Increasing IED attacks in Kabul concerning

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It is really unfortunate to see that violence and instability have been victimizing Afghans in some way or the other for the last few decades. Currently, though there have been many improvements and a certain level of security and tranquility has been achieved, serious concerns still remain, and they require immediate attention from the authorities.

Afghan officials and people have to realize the fact that security challenges in the country have kept on changing their forms and ways and measures to curb them must be developed in accordance to the changing nature of the challenges; otherwise, the prospects of success against insecurity will diminish to a large extent.

Kabul has been witnessing increasing IED attacks in recent months. The capital city witnessed four explosions on Saturday that killed at least one security force member and wounded six others–including a civilian–and an assault by gunmen on a vehicle killing an MoD official and his driver, amid hopes for potential peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

Interior Ministry spokesman said that the IED blasts are part of the Taliban’s “psychological war” and they are aiming to create fear among the people. He said that these blasts are also intended to create divisions between the people and the government. “We are at war with the Taliban in all areas of the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents in Kabul have said that the security and intelligence agencies have failed to ensure the security of the public and asking the officials to do more for security of the capital city.

Instead of opting for direct war, the terrorist groupings have opted to attack through Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), suicide bombings, ambushes, targeted killings, and other tactics. Unfortunately, these tactics of them have influenced the peace and tranquility of the country to a large extent and have even influenced the social psychology by haunting it through insecurity complex. At the same time, they have taken the lives of thousands of civilians, which is the most unfortunate outcome of these filthy arrangements.

Civilian killings, therefore, clearly depict that Taliban and other terrorists do not care much about the civilian casualties; what they mostly care about is their threat and dominancy over the security arrangements. The security organs’ report depicted that the IEDs still remained deadliest for civilians.

The common masses in Afghanistan must bother about the deterioration in security as they are basically the ones who have been suffering and may suffer to a further extent if instability and terrorism prevail in the country. It is really pathetic to see that Kabul residents losing their lives when they have nothing to do with the war.

The President has recently ordered the security organs to step up efforts for improvement of Kabul’s security as well as bring about changes in district police chiefs. In a meeting with security officials, the president said that capital city’s security was not satisfactory.

Increasing IED attacks in the capital city is a matter of concern for the residents. The security organs should take serous measures and punish those neglecting in their duties. Afghans have been bearing the brunt of war since last four decades, therefore much attentions should be paid for their safety and security and a safe and sound environment should be provided for them.

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