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Increasing employment opportunities for empowerment of Afghan women

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Today, lots of work opportunities have been created for Afghan women in various government sectors. In current circumstances, Afghan women have active role not only in political but also in the country’s cultural and economic sections.
Jamila Sultani, an Afghan woman creating an aloevera farm in Daikundi, has been able to promote the respective plan in her province. During the first and second waves of COVID-19 and lockdown last year, Mrs. Sultani was able to cultivate the plant in her home’s field.
“I created the first aloevera farm costing 500,000 AFG last year in Daikundi,” Mrs. Sultani said, adding that she learned how to cultivate the plant through internet. “Last year, I purchased 8,000 the aloevera bushes from Kabul and hired one to help me in cultivation of the plant. The plant has now grown as the weather is warm, which is good for the plant. I’ve bought a book of aloe vera, but I also use the internet to further know about its plantation,” Mrs. Sultani said.
Mrs. Sultani, who has been working in the field of handicapped industry for the past 15 years, said she has always been fighting with poverty and women empowerment in Daikundi.
She said that her goal was to promote the cultivation of medical plants and convince women to create employment opportunities to others.
Currently, Jamila maintains all expenditures of her family through the aloevera farm. This mother with eight children has dream to improve her business, but she is also facing with a range of challenges as there is no suitable place to process and store the respective product.
“There are lots of challenges. For example, we do not have a particular place for marketing. In the meantime, I’m not able to purchase a processing system to make the aloevera shampoo and soap for women and girls,” Mrs. Sultani stressed.
Most of the people particularly women in Daikundi have welcomed Mrs. Sultani’s initiative, considering her step as a good example for other Afghan women to work towards self-sufficiency.
Local officials for provincial agriculture, irrigation and livestock say Daikundi has proper climate for cultivation of the aloevera plant; therefore, they are making effort to promote the plan in the province.
“For the first time, a woman has promoted to cultivate the aloevera plan in Daikundi, which is fortunately good,” said Abdul Wahid Feroz, provincial director of agriculture, irrigation and livestock for Daikundi.
According to provincial director of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, currently more than 6,000 women are working in various fields such as in processing dairies, processing and packaging almond, cultivation of saffron and other vegetables in Daikundi. It is worth mentioning that nearly 1,000 small orchards and fields have been distributed as part of women empowerment in the province during the past one year.


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