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Increasing efforts for circulation of Afghani currency instead of Pakistani Rupee

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Circulation of Pakistani Rupee is more common in some provinces than Afghani, specially in adjacent provinces with Pakistan, people use Rupee in their transactions. For this reason, local administration in Khost province has recently started campaign to circulate Afghani instead of Pakistani Rupee. Khost police said that his mission will be carried out seriously in all areas of this province. Addressing the local mediamen, chief of Khost provincial police force Sayed Ahmad Babazay said, this campaign has been started in current week and would be carried out decisively.
According to Babazay, the Military Council of Khost has recently decided to prevent circulation of Rupee and promotion of local Afghani currency, a regular plan must be prepared and based on the plan the security organs take serious steps.
He clarified, according to the plan, security forces and money changers would be deployed in all entrance gates of Khost province so the people would convert Rupee to Afghani before entering the city.
Babazay added that similar campaign was already started in the past but failed due to certain reasons. This time it has been started seriously and police has warned all those who transit to use Afghani instead of Pakistani Rupee.
According to decision of Khost Military Council, a commission is expected to be set up to follow this step sustainably. Other responsibilities of this commission include monitoring of prices, investments and preventing damaging of public.
The press office of Khost governor has released a press notification and confirmed this campaign and said that small currency exchange boxes have been deployed along the main roads so people convert their foreign currency into local currency. The provincial governor office of Khost has released photo of converting Rupee to Afghani in money exchange shops that show long rows of people waiting turn to convert Rupee to local currency.
The common currency in daily transactions of people in eastern and southern provinces that Khost is also their part, is still Pakistani Rupee. The range of Rupee circulation includes from Kandahar in the south to Kunar in the east. The rate of people use of Rupee is different in these nine provinces. In some provinces, Pakistani Rupee is the only monetary unit that all transactions take place with it. In some others, Afghani and Rupee are evenly circulating while in some others, Afghani is circulating more than Rupee. In opinion of Central Bank officials, use of aliens currency in the country has negative outcome including poverty, shaping of a non-reliable financial system and fall of national sovereignty. Afghan citizens say that Afghani currency indicate our national identity and we should use it. Shopkeepers claim that sometimes they have to transact with Rupee, that is an exception. 

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