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Increasing criminal activities raise concern of Kabul citizens


By: Suraya Raiszada

Kabul citizens have expressed their serious concern over increasing criminal activities in the capital, asking the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and National Directorate of Security (NDS) to address increased security problems in the country particularly the capital.
Kabul citizens say although MoI has informed of implementation of Security Covenant Program for prevention of crimes graph, unfortunately there is still the graph of criminal activities increasing and concerning and has made the people’s life in danger.
Kabul citizens are accusing Kabul security organs for negligence towards prevention of criminal activities in Kabul, the capital, saying that the country’s security organs are not able to arrest key criminals and armed robbers.
On the other hand, security organs while confirming increasing insecurities in Kabul city stressed that they have increased their efforts towards prevention of crimes.
“Nearly 200 individuals involved in various criminal activities including murder and armed robberies have been arrested in the past one month in Kabul city,” said Fardous Faramarz, a spokesperson to Kabul chief department.
Based on official statistics, 27 Kabul citizens have been killed by armed robbers and unidentified individuals in the past one month. Kabul citizens believe that execution of security covenant program has not helped address increasing insecurities in the capital.
Kabul police say police have been able to arrest 127 individuals involved in various criminal activities and 28 of them involved in murder and killing of innocent Kabul citizens.
“Kabul police efforts in connection with prevention of increasing criminal activities are considerable and full of achievement as police have spoiled and prevented from possible explosion of 43 magnetic and IEDs in Kabul city,” Faramarz asserted, adding that Kabul police have also increased night patrols to control and reduce increasing criminal activities in the capital.
Meanwhile, parliament’s internal security says it is true that security situation is deteriorating day by day in Kabul city as citizens witness increasing criminal activities on daily basis in the city.
“Unfortunately a number of our youths have been brutally killed by armed robbers for their mobile phones, car and money in various parts of Kabul city particular,” said Mirdad Nijrabi, a member of parliament’s internal security.
According to Afghan lawmakers, people should have regular meetings with elders and people of their area and ask the people and elders to share their information with police as cooperation of the people is key in improvement of security situation in the city.
A number of Afghan political experts believe that drugs, increasing drug-addicts, open borders, increasing poverty and unemployment have all resulted in increasing criminal activities in the capital.
“All security organs in particular the MoI and NDS should jointly work for the prevention of increasing criminal activities,” said Yarmand, an Afghan military expert.
Expressing concern over increasing criminal activities in the capital, Yarmand stressed that clean officers should be appointed within police departments so that they can honestly fight criminal activities in the country particularly in Kabul.
Meanwhile, Atiqullah Amarkhail, another Afghan military expert while expressing his serious concern over killing of Kabul citizens said all structures and equipment of police should be modernized, adding that national data center should be created to analyze data in the country. Kabul citizens experience bitter memories and witness criminal activities as murder, armed robberies, kidnapping and all other criminal activities on daily basis. This comes amid of terrorist activities and increasing fighting between ANDSF and Taliban in various parts of the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.