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Increasing criminal activities in Kabul should be seriously dealt


Recently, the security situation in capital, Kabul has been a matter of concern for the citizens. Armed thefts, kidnapping of individuals and then their murdering as well as security threats for those citizens latterly leave their working places to their homes have been increased in some districts of the city.
A week ago, the dead bodies of three foreigners found in ninth district in Musahi district of Kabul. Meanwhile in a fresh event, on Thursday night, one of former military men and analyst in security, political affairs, Gen. Zalmai Wardak has been assassinated in his home located in Karta-e-Parwan. Based on figures released by police resources and some media, within recent one month, ten cases of murdering and explosion of IEDs have been recorded in Kabul city.
Although, such events can be categorized as organized crimes and that these events would get vast criminal dimensions and their factors would belong to mafia groupings of organized crimes.
Previously too such events have been occurred and the motive behind such events are differed such as economic targets, personal enmity or criminal goals etc. but, it is possible that all of these incidents that have been increased and caused worsening of security situation in the capital, Kabul would belong to the plots of the enemies of our country and aimed to widespread insecuritiesand criminal activities in the city.
The enemies of honor and dignity of our people and country want to make insecure the capitalKabul and prove their presence there.With resorting to such inhumane acts, they want to say to public that they are enjoying from considerable influence in the capital and can bring the capability of government into challenge.
Anyway, such insecurities and occurrence of criminal events can disturb normal life of the people and make countrymen and women distrust in connection with the stability of the situation and cause the security of individuals and groupings of countrymen in working places and living environment be jeopardized.
Such acts also can cause doubt for investments, negation of security for living of well-known personalities and political, social and economic activities in the country.
It is necessary that government especially the security and defense institutions to launch vast studies, recognize factors behind such events and adopt preventive measures and with implementation of programs and plans to remove the factors threat the security situation and maintain certain security for social and economic activities.
Maintaining security in the capital Kabul is very much important. The central government and most of the security institutions are based in Kabul. If such criminal activities affect rule of law in the Capital city, then the public would start disbelieving on government.
So, it is necessary that the security and defense institutions especially garrison of Kabul city and all police and security zones should work always for ensuring security in the city.The current situation should be studied, and necessary measures should be adopted for further maintaining security in the city and citizens to promote their life as normal and void of any threat and challenge.

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