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Increasing criminal activities in Kabul concerning


The criminal activities have increased tremendously in Kabul city. Everyday a criminal incident is being reported. According to police officials, hundreds of criminal cases occurred in Kabul city just within last month, most of which were murder and armed robbery.
Recently, a couple was arrested in connection to kidnap and murder case of a Sikh minority, Arjeet Singh, in Kabul city. According to a statement released by Ministry of Interior, the detained individuals have confessed that one of them kidnapped Arjeet Singh from Dasht-e-Barchi area of Kabul city on 5th of March and had transferred him to Doghabad area of the city.
The couple has also admitted that Arjeet Singh was shot dead after a verbal clash ensued between them. The Ministry of Interior also added that the dead body of Arjeet Singh was recovered from the vicinity of 6th police district of the city and was handed over to his family.
The ministry says one of the perpetrators involved in kidnap and murder case of Arjeet Singh was arrested from the 2nd police district of Pul-e-Khumri city of Baghlan province.
Indeed, crime as a social issue in Kabul requires to be addressed in a comprehensive manner. To prevent crime, it is important to have its root-causes understanding in our society.
Though poverty is one of the basic reasons of why people commit crimes, it is not the only reason. There may be many other reasons involved behind the crimes that are committed within the society. Whatever may be the reason of the crimes, their effects are very disturbing and have the capacity to bring serious disturbances in the society; therefore, measures must be there to curb them. T
It is really important to keep in consideration that the law-enforcement system can provide a solution to the increasing crimes in the capital city. If a society is really interested in controlling them there should be a long-term strategy as well that must deal with the basic reasons of the crime and try to nip the evil in the bud. There should be efforts to work on efficient administration, better economic condition, political stability, good governance, providence of basic human rights and control of corruption.
Justice should reach to all the people of the society alike and the citizens must not feel alienated from the society. Moreover, there should not be discrimination as far as practical implementation of the criminal law is considered. Law should not serve the rich alone as is happening in many societies of the world; rather all should be treated equally in this regard. 
Crime is one of the main social issues in Kabul city. The rising trend of crime in Kabul indicates that social, political and economic institutions are not functioning well. Crime in any society including Kabul has economic, social and family factors, and it is one of the basic criteria for assessing the success or failure of these institution in any given society. 
Crime prevention is one of the main roles and responsibilities of security organs. Meanwhile the relevant organs of the government should develop a realistic crime prevention plan and implement holistically according to its time frame and shall make all the necessary measures to involve the community to support its efforts if it does not want to fail achieving its crime prevention goals.

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