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Increasing concerns over dirt roads in Kabul city


By: Masouda Qarizada

For the past 11 years, Kabul municipality has made efforts to provide facilities through construction and renovation of roads, streets and sidewalks in various parts of the city. Although, a range of positive works in connection with construction of roads and streets in the city have been done, the condition of a number of roads and streets in the city is still bad.
A number of residents of Kabul are complaining of dirt roads and delay in starting of construction work on some roads in the city, saying that such delay has caused lots of problems for the people. They are asking the Kabul municipality for paving and asphalting these roads and accelerating for the construction process of roads in the city.
For example, delay in starting construction and reconstruction work on some roads as Kot-e-Sangi – Kart-e-Mamoreen, Martyred Abdul Haq Square – Pul-e-Mahmoud Khan road and others have caused many problems for residents of Kabul city. Residents of Kabul city have blamed the municipality for inattention to their problems and shortcoming.
Regarding delay in starting the construction or renovation work on some roads, officials for Kabul municipality construction project of some roads is funded by the World Bank not the government, saying that they start work on the roads, when they get the budget provided by the World Bank or other international organizations.
“Reconstruction work on some roads has kicked off and currently the process is going on without any delay,” said Yasin Helal, deputy of plan and implementation of projects for Kabul municipality.
Increasing trashes, air pollution and dirt roads are challenges facing Kabul residents who are asking the municipality for attention to asphalting and paving roads and streets in the city.
It is said that more than 7,000 km roads have been paved and asphalted in the past 10 years in the country, but inattention and lack of maintenance of the roads, most of the constructed and reconstructed roads in the country have changed to dirt roads creating problems for the people.
Farid Ahmad, a resident of 5th St. of Kabul’s Taimany, says people and drivers face with serious problems when it rains
“Due to dirt roads and water on roads, my car fell to the stream and broke down. I should spend nearly 20,000 Afghani to repair it,” Farid Ahmad said.
According to Kabul residents, most roads and streets of the city produce dirt and health problems for the people in all seasons. Criticizing the Kabul municipality for their incapability in addressing the problems, Kabul residents said the municipality had not done any fundamental work in the past four years. Although the United States and its international partners poured billions of dollars into Afghanistan for the past 18 years, most streets and roads in big cities in particular Kabul city are unpaved.

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