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Increasing concerns over delay in peace talks

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In this Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018, photo, Afghan National Army soldiers stand guard at a checkpoint ahead of parliamentary elections, in Kabul, Afghanistan. Afghans will go to the polls on Saturday, hoping to bring change to a corrupt government that has lost nearly half the country to the Taliban. On Thursday, three top provincial officials in the southern province of Kandahar were killed by their own guards during a meeting to discuss security ahead of the vote. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

By: Lailuma Noori

Since intra-Afghan talks started between Afghanistan government and Taliban on 12 September, no considerable progress in talks between negotiating teams of both sides so far.
Afghan citizens are expressing their concern over delay in talks in Doha and increasing violence in the country as they hoped peace talks in Doha would help reduce violence and end war in the country, but insecurities and violence are increasing by passing each single day.
Afghan political experts consider continued violence by Taliban fighters against peace agreement between the US and Taliban as most provinces of the country have recently witnessed clashes between ANDSF and Taliban fighters.
Taliban even have not acted upon their commitments in which the group has made. For example, the group has committed not to attacking highways, bases and provincial capitals, but their fighters are attacking on highways, ANDSF bases and provincial capital on daily basis.
According to Afghan experts, the first perception why Taliban fighters have increased their attacks in various parts of the country can be that the group wants to waste time and exert pressures by increasing violence in various parts of the country.
Currently, Afghans are facing with increasing violence, challenges as well as death threat on daily basis and its Afghans who are losing their best and most valuable investment of human force during continued war in the country that has suffered heavy financial and economic losses in the past few decades.
Afghans are all waiting for peace in their country. Maintaining peace desired by all Afghans requires strong management in talks with Taliban. Peace process should be owned and led by Afghans, otherwise no efforts if being made towards peace process cannot bring lasting stability to the country.
In addition, if peace lacks legal and human standards, it won’t be acceptable for the people of Afghanistan as it won’t have any position in public and society’s thoughts. Lack of broad-based peace can result in disunity, insecurity and increasing violence in the country. Stopping religious, tribal and political extremism and turning to moderation to reach lasting peace in the country are necessary.
It is time that all countries in the region and world that are involved in war in Afghanistan should closely work towards maintaining peace and stability in the war-torn country as Afghanistan needs lasting peace and stability. Currently, ceasefire is a big testament for the Taliban group and peace will mean nothing if Taliban cannot maintain ceasefire across the country.
This comes amid of increasing insecurities in different parts of the country where innocent civilians are the main victims of violence and insecurities; therefore, it is time to end the ongoing war and violence and to do so, Taliban should show flexibility in talks with Afghanistan government and reduce in violence in the country.

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