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Increasing concerns over armed robberies in Kabul city

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Kabul residents have recently tired of increasing armed robberies and say it is now very difficult to live in the city due to increasing incidents of armed robberies. A number of Kabul residents in their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent say they have lost their trust on security forces as they have done nothing for the improvement of security in the city.
“Armed robbers have recently entered my shop late evening and robbed some bags of rice and other foodstuffs as well cash money. This situation has made me very upset and so far the robbers have not been arrested or identified,” said Ahmad Nasir, a resident of Kabul’s PD 5.
He says that people are losing their trust over Afghan security forces and their hopes for improvement of security are declining day by day. He said that it was painful when you do not feel safe with the presence of police in the city.
Sahar, whose purse and smartphone have been robbed recently, says we face with such situation on daily basis. “Yesterday I witnessed a robbery case in our area and today armed robbers have robbed my purse and smartphone,” Sahar said, asking police and security organs to arrest armed robbers and submit them to judicial organs.
Nazim, another resident of Kabul city says the situation will get even worse if police do not take action against armed robbers in Kabul city. He said that increasing insecurities have increased speculations among the people that armed robbers have somehow link to police.
Meanwhile, current insecurities have lots of negative consequences for the people and community. In the first step, economic situation of the people and the country will be affected. Currently, due to increasing insecurities and armed robberies in big cities of the country, a large number of Afghan traders and investors have left for other countries for investment.
It is should be said that the most shocking incidents that have occurred recently in Kabul city is that armed robbers have shot to death a number of youth to rob their money or smartphones and their families are now mourning for their loved ones killed by armed robbers.
In social media, videos and clips of armed robberies are shared on daily basis, showing that Kabul is not safe as a large number of the people somehow witness such incidents every day.
“Last week Kabul witnessed a couple of incidents as murder and robbery and today we witness murders and target-killing incidents in the city and people lose their loved ones on daily basis. We hope that security is maintained as security is the right of every citizen,” said Najim, a Kabul resident.
He asked the ministry of interior to take serious action against armed robbers, adding that the situation would get worse if the ministry neglected in arresting armed robbers and punishment.
Although officials of the ministry of interior have repeatedly informed of serious action against armed robbers in their news conferences, no improvement has seen in security of big cities particularly Kabul, the capital.

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