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Increasing concern over lack of women presence in Afghanistan peace process

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By: Lailuma Noori

Despite of increasing evidence showing that Afghan women’s participation is vital for ending the continued war in the country, Afghan women fear of lack of their presence in the country’s peace process as in recent US peace plan suggested for Afghanistan, role of Afghan women have been ignored.
Based on the 1325 UN resolution, the United Nations wants to institutionalize women’s participation in peace process and is stressing on fair and fully participation of women.
Currently, the only concern of Afghanistan is that all rights Afghan women have got after 2001 might be lost in efforts for peace in the country.
During the past six months, Habiba Sarabi is one of the fourth women representing the Afghan women for Afghanistan government negotiating team in intra-Afghan talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban in Doha.
Since the starting of 2021, no attention has been paid to considerable presence of Afghan women in the country’s peace process. There are still lots of differences between resolution of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and issues relevant of women problems, but the implementation of the 1325 resolution of UNSC and other relevant resolutions can somehow address problems of women in peace and security, prevent of violence against women and help build capacity of women around the world.
Afghan civil society and women rights activists believe that role of women in the country’s peace process should not be ignored. No countries can ignore the active role of women in reaching lasting peace and stability as active presence of women particularly the Afghan women is necessary in all dimensions of the peace-making issues.
Active engagement of women in addressing the post-war issues has positive results in stability, reconstruction and economic development. In the Afghanistan, Afghan women want a peace which is based on the country’s constitution and can protect the past 19 years’ achievements. They want freedom of expressions, rights of citizens and women rights to be protected in peace talks with the Taliban group.
The country’s women do not want to lose their rights and concessions they have now in the country. They want to go forward rather than to lose their achievements. During the Taliban regime from 1996 – 2001, Afghan women and girls were deprived from their rights. They were obliged to wear burqa and were not allowed to get education and go to work in offices. Afghan women have suffered the continued war and increased violence against them in the country. Currently, preparations are underway for Turkey’s Istanbul conference set to be held in coming weeks. It is said that the conference will last for 10 days and serious discussions will be held between Afghanistan government and Taliban to end the continued war in the country.

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