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Increasing civilian casualties concerning

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In a report released recently by Civilian Protection and Advocacy Group (CPAG) it has been said that in the last month (Aug), nearly 800 civilians have been martyred or wounded in 19 provinces of Afghanistan.
Expressing concern over increasing civilian casualties in Afghanistan, the CPAG said that most civilian casualties were due to suicide attacks, explosions or armed clashes of ANDSF and insurgents. The report adds that in Aug 2018, 261 civilians were martyred, 524 injuredmost of them by Taliban insurgents.
Based on official report of the Afghan government, in recent wars in Ghazni, about 300 civilians were killed and wounded but the CPAG claims that the precise number of civilian casualties in Ghazni has not been unveiled.
The CPAG adds that in an attack on educational center in west of Kabul and a separate attack on a mosque in Gardez city, 299 civilians were martyred and over 45 wounded as ISIL claimed its responsibility.
In recent years, civilian casualties have been changed to a serious concern to Afghan people and government.
Civil society and lawmakers ask the Afghan government to prioritize protection of civilians. Prior to this also, the Afghan government and UN authorities had expressed concern over civilian casualties.
The CPAG report asked the warring factions, not to target civilian institutions and educational centers. Calling civilians protection as the government responsibility, the Afghan civil society said, the Afghan political system should put protection of civilians on its top priority.
In an exclusive conversation with The Kabul Times reporter, chairman of Afghanistan Civil Society, Aziz Rafiyee said, Civilian Security is one of the basic discussions but unfortunately has been underestimated in Afghanistan and the government lacks program on civilians’ security. Security policies should be clear. We request the warring factions not to use civilians as a human shield or scapegoat.
Civilians casualties have been one of the most controversial discussions in Afghanistan for which several times, the Afghan government has been criticized, but the government addresses civilian’s protection as its top priorities.
Experts and media men also expressed serious concern on civilian casualties during fighting and request end of war and speeding up of the peace process as one of the basic solutions that could be absolutely useful for civilians protection.
They said that the Afghan government is obliged to ensure civilians security by every possible means and convince the people that protects their lives and properties.
They believe that civilians security depends upon their close cooperation with security forces and in lack of it, no one would be safe.
Suraya Raiszada

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