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Inclusiveness of peace negoang team depending on government, peace ministry

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By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan state ministry for peace affairs says inclusiveness of negotiating team relates to Afghanistan government. The reaction has been made after Taliban commented that the team is not inclusive. According to officials of state ministry for peace affairs, currently there is fighting between Afghanistan government and Taliban; therefore, there is no other way except negotiations to end the ongoing war in the country. “Consultations have been made with all political parties to form the inclusive negotiating team, so it is a strong and able delegation for talks with the Taliban group,” said Najia Anwari, a spokesperson to the state ministry for peace affairs. Anwari added that inclusiveness of the team would only depend to Afghanistan government not others. Taliban has said that the negotiating team created by Afghanistan government for the intra-Afghan dialogue was not representing all fronts and creation of the team was against the principles signed between US and Taliban in Doha.   Nevertheless, an Afghan political expert Yasir Ahmadzai believes that the negotiating team created by Afghanistan government is an inclusive delegation and representing all segments and classes of the people of Afghanistan. “The negotiating team is an inclusive team representing all classes of the people. I think there’s no problem in the team,” Ahmadzai said, adding that disagreement of the Taliban means disagreement of Pakistan. Afghanistan government has recently announced that it has formed a negotiating team led by former intelligence chief Masoom Stanikzai to hold talks with the Taliban group. US embassy to Kabul in a statement has welcomed creation and declaration of the negotiating team, declaring full readiness for facilitation to face to face dialogue between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group. Meanwhile, the U.S. special peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad lauded the formation of an inclusive team for the talks with the Taliban group “I want to congratulate Afghan government, political & civil society leaders for coming together. They’ve forged an inclusive negotiating team for talks with the Taliban,” Khalilzad said in a Twitter post.m Khalilzad further added “The Islamic Republic delegation reflects the true tapestry of the nation and the instrumental role of women.” On the other hand, Wahid Omar at a press conference yesterday responded to the Taliban statement about the Afghan peace delegation being “against the agreement between the Taliban and the US,” saying the Taliban must not raise issues with our delegation, as we also can raise issues with theirs. All the prisoners released at one time would be not possible, and there are conditions, Omar said, adding that the delegation that has been announced will represent “a united Afghanistan.” “We have never said what kind of Taliban should form a delegation, so we are asking the Taliban to not make an issue out of it,” he said.“We hope that the Taliban also forms their delegation and the intra-Afghan talks can start,” he said. Earlier the Taliban released a statement saying that the group has some reservations about the peace negotiating team formed by Afghanistan government and that the Afghan government can take part in the intra-Afghan talks only as a side like other Afghan factions.




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