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Incidents & miracles at birth time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


By: Suraya Raiszada

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the first and last
messengers of Almighty Allah and founder of the Islam
ic government in the world. Before and after the birth of the Prophet of Islam, several amazing events occurred in the heavens and earth.

Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) was born on Monday 12 Rabi ul Awal after the dawn during the reign Nosherwain in Mecca. At the birth time of the Prophet of Islam, various incidents and miracles occurred in the world.
The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the first and last messengers of Almighty Allah and founder of the Islamic government in the world of Islam. Before and after the birth of the Prophet of Islam, several amazing events occurred in the heavens and earth. Below are just to mention a few that have come through narrations recorded in the books of scholars of Islam.
The year of the birth of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH), 50 days before his birth, Abraha, the king of Yemen attacked Kaaba to destroy it. He led his forces with a huge elephant named Mahmudi marching ahead in front. When they came near Mecca, the elephant stopped. They could not find any way of making the elephant continue. Soon they came across a huge flock of birds that carried stones in their beaks and dropped from a great height that completely destroyed his army. A Miracle of Allah (swt) mentioned in the Quran: “See you not how your Lord dealt with the companions of the elephant.
And He sent against them birds in flocks. Striking them with stones of hard clay,” Surah Aal-i- Feel (Chapter 105)
When Amina became pregnant, she saw in a dream-vision that a light came out of her that lit the land as far north as Syria. She was also told in her dream that she was pregnant with the master of this nation and the sign of that would be that when she gave birth to him she would see a light coming out with him that would shine over Bosra in Syria. When this happens, she was told, call him Muhammad, I conceived him, she said, and suffered no pain until delivery. When he came out of me, a light came out with him that illuminated everything from East to West She also said, I saw the night I gave birth to him a light that illuminated the palaces of Syria so that I saw them.
Uthman ibn Abi il Aas and Abdul Rahman Bin Awf narrated that their mothers said, At the time of Muhammad (s) birth we saw the house filled with lights and the stars drew so near that I thought they were going to fall on us. The Prophet later confirmed this, saying, My mother saw, when she gave birth to me, a light that illuminated the palaces of Bosra.
Aisha said, there was a Jewish merchant in Mecca on the night that the Prophet (s) was born. He inquired, Oh, people of Quraish, was there any newborn among you? They replied, we don’t know. He said, tonight, the Prophet of this last nation was born. Between his shoulders there is a mark containing a few hairs on it like a horses mane (part on the back of horses neck). They accompanied the Jew and went to the Prophet’s mother, and asked her if they could see her son. She brought him to them and they uncovered his back and saw the birth mark, whereupon the Jew fell unconscious. When he regained consciousness, they asked him what is the matter with you? He answered, By Allah, prophethood has gone away from the children of Israel.
After his arrival in this world, especially during the night of his birth, shooting stars became more frequent, which was a sign that the access of Satan and jinn to information concerning the Unseen was to cease. Since Allah’s Messenger (ASW) had appeared in this world with revelation, it was necessary to bar the knowledge concerning the Unseen that was transmitted by soothsayers and jinn and was inaccurate and mixed with falsehoods, so that their knowledge should not cause any doubt concerning revelation or resemble it. This is also confirmed by the Quran when a group of Jinns accepted Islam at the blessed hands of Rasool Allah (PBUH).
The 1000 Years old burning fire extinguished: The Persians followed the religion of worshipping fire. This religion had existed for quite a long while in Persia. When our dearest Prophet Muhammad (SallAllahu Alaihi Wassallam) was born, one of the major places of fire worship where a huge bon of fire was lit for 1000 years, immediately extinguished. This was indeed a great miracle for entire mankind that the message of Allah (swt) has arrived and is one free of all impurities of Shirk (Associating partners with Allah). The worshipping of fire, which is a creation of Allah, and worshiping any other creation of Allah, is unacceptable. (Al Raheeq Al Maktum).
Prophet plays with Moon in the cradle: The Prophet’s uncle, Al Abbas (r) said, Oh, Messenger of Allah, what made me enter into your religion was my witnessing a sign of your prophethood. I saw you in your cradle talking tenderly to the Moon and pointing at it with your finger. It moved across the sky to wherever you pointed. Muhammad said, I was talking to it, and it talked to me, which distracted me from crying. I could hear the sound of its prostration under the throne. (Imam Ahmad Shihab ad-Din al-Qastallani,
This moon would later be split in to 2 halves a result of another miracle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). When he started preaching the Quraysh demanded him to split the moon if he was a true prophet. The Quran confirms this. It is worth mentioning that Muslims have strong faith in the miracles of the Prophet of Islam as he was the last messenger of Almighty Allah. 

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