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Inauguration of two years vocational training for midwives of remote areas of Afghanistan


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The Training of 24 vocational midwives of remote and needy areas in Afghanistan is part of the series of educational programs, which is donated by the Qatar State, being implemented to serve the needy and deprived people of Afghanistan.
It is to announce that the formal inauguration of the program having HE Acting minister, management team, Directors of Public Health in the provinces of Zabul, Ghazni, Wardak, Nooristan, Faryab, Kunduz and Badakshan, members of parliament, member of provincial assembly, representatives from Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) and Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), directors and management teams of the implementing partners (Organization of Afghan Welfare Society OAWS, and Organization to Promote Health and Community Development OPHCD) and 24 selected midwives.
The program aims to train 24 vocational midwives from 8 provinces of the country located in southern, northern, eastern and central zones. Time horizon of the program covers a period of 2 years. The program is designed to have a well-prepared educational program and qualified staff. It meets the criteria and requirements set out by Midwives Evaluation Board of Afghanistan.
Deputy Director of Qatar Red Crescent Society in Afghanistan and head of programs Mr. Ahmad Al Osmani expressed that QRC is willing to support educational programs for the deprived and needy people in remote areas of Afghanistan. He pointed out that QRC has supported Ministry of Education to supply education materials for more than 5,000 students in dozens of schools, and also supported construction of 20 health clinics in coordination with the Afghan Red Crescent Society.
He added that this is the first educational project with collaboration of Ministry of Public Health, to be implemented by OAWS and OPHCD. He expressed his hopes that the project would help MoPH to achieve its strategic plan aimsthrough training of qualified midwives to serve the needy people in rural areas.
Director of the implementing organization Mr. Abdul JabarBaheer expressed that the training of vocational midwives to offer services in remote areas is a critical necessity of the society, and training qualified female health personnel can eradicate numerous challenges of the country. He added that the program is planned for two years funded by the QRC. The program would train 24 midwives for the eight selected provinces and they would serve through 24 health centers in their respective areas.
Executive Director of OPHCD, Mr. Mohammad Aziz Paiwastoon expressed that the program is the first and only fully coordinated with the high board of midwives and nurses’ evaluation, which would supervise the program.
The 24 midwives would receive formal certificates from High Board of Midwives and nurses’ evaluation, and would be employed to offer health services. He also expressed that this is the first time that midwives are selected from remote areas especially the southern zone, they would be trained in Kabul and sent back to their areas to offer quality services.
Dr Ehsanullah Fazli, Head of Kunduz Public Health Department assured the participants that the midwives selection process was completely transparent. He added that the selection and examination phases in Kunduz province were completed under the direct supervision of the Public Health Department.
It worth to be mentioned that the program is funded by QRCS for a period of 2 years. It is being implemented under the supervision of MoPH by OAWS and OPHCD organizations. A budget of 490,000 USD is considered for the program, which would train 24 qualified midwives.


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