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Imran Khan’s remarks clear interference in Afghanistan’s affairs

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Recently, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said he hoped a government to form in Afghanistan to be able to represent all Afghans.
He stressed that war will end and peace will restore in Afghanistan.
Releasing a statement, Afghan ministry of foreign affairs summoned Pakistan Embassy’s Charge De Affairs to clarify about Imran Khan’s recent remarks.
Calling the remarks clear interferences in Afghanistan’s affairs, the ministry strongly protested on that.
At the same time, a number of lawmakers say that the regional countries want to fuel proxy war in Afghanistan and any remarks about forming a new government is meddling in the country’s domestic affairs.
Protection of political system, constitution, national sovereignty and achievements made over the last seventeen years should not be sacrificed in peace talks, a senator Azimi said.
He added Afghans will never accept puppet systems and governments and the people ask the regional countries never think about forming another government in Afghanistan.
Experts believe that Pakistan has never been honest before Afghanistan and is a country where has always been supporting terrorism.
“Afghanistan is facing terrorism phenomenon in Pakistan’s border point and the government is seriously fighting terrorist groups. Thus, Pakistan should also take this serious and make effort to honestly cooperate with Afghanistan in ensuring peace and stability,” Shekiba Hashimi, a lawmaker said.
She added Pakistan has always claimed to play role in Afghan peace talks, but unfortunately, it has never been honest in this regard.
A political expert Akram Andishmand believes that the people of Afghanistan don’t believe in Pakistan’s commitments anymore.
He added we will trust in Pakistan on a condition if Taliban directly attends negotiation table and state their views on Afghan peace process.
Another political expert Amir Mohammad says that it will be effective if the regional and ultra-regional consensus honestly cooperates, because, Afghanistan’s relations are connected to the region.
Pointing at Pakistan’s role in Afghan peace process, he added the government of Pakistan has several times stressed that Afghanistan’s peace is related to ours, but, unfortunately, its military-men have always tried to create insecurities in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, Afghan citizens believe that the national unity government should share this issue with UN National Security Council.
Pakistan has always made effort to establish a puppet government in Afghanistan, but Afghans will never be deceived, a high school teacher Najiba Ulomi said.
Over the last two months, this is the second time that Pakistan Embassy in-charges have been summoned by the ministry of foreign affairs as earlier the ministry had summoned Pakistani ambassador to Kabul Zahed Nasrullah who claimed that tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad will harm Afghan peace talks.
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