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Importance and celebration of Mountains’ Day

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By: Shukria Kohistani

In a joint program, the MAIL with NEPA, MoEW, Afghanistan wild Life Protection Organization and some other international organizations celebrated the Mountains’ World Day, 11th of December. This day has been celebrating every year as the mountains world day.
Talking on this occasion, Deputy MAIL for Irrigation and Natural Resources Hashmatullah Ghafoori said, mountains constitute foundation of mankind life. Forests, pastures, medicinal herbs, water, mines, zoo and icebergs locate on mountains. Due to importance of mountains and for protection and plantation of saplings like pine nut, pistachios, walnut and establishment of pastures as well as rehabilitation of forests and arrangement of wild life the MAIL has put certain steps at the top of its priorities. Touching this issue, deputy direction of NEPA Ezzatullah Seddiqi said, mountains have complicated relatives with Eco-system and climate and no ignorance should take place in their protection and their rich resources. Mountains offer supporting services, supply products and are sources of water, icebergs and food.
Addressing this occasion, Director of Water Sources at the MoEW Fayezurrahman Aziz in his speech called mountains as reservoir and great source of water.
Releasing a statement, the MoAIL has called Afghanistan among those countries that mountains constitute 75 percent of its territory. The MAIL has called existence of mountains as a natural advantage to the country and adds that about 85 pc of sweet waters used for irrigation and drinking, are produced from mountains.
The statement of the MAIL adds that from the viewpoint of natural resources, 90 pc forests and pastures of our country are in mountainous areas and mountains are an advantage for cattle breeding as 50 pc of pastures locate on mountain slopes that enjoy high importance for growth of livestocks. Touching the economic value and importance of mountains for our people, environmentalists said that fortunately Afghanistan enjoys big and high mountains, springs, vast pastures and forests, which are exploited by people. Despite of locating geographically in a good position and having rich mines, unfortunately Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries, if these rich resources are properly explored and discovered and unearthed, not only poverty will be eliminated but Afghanistan would be self-sufficient quickly. Some of our mountains are covered with thick forests and permanently snow clade their and snow and rain waters are our natural wealth.
Location of mountain leaves high impacts on each area of climate. For example in Nangarhar province, Spinghar mountains located west ward that prevent monsoonal winds. From the point of view of transportation and roads, contrary to deserts and plains, mountains cann’t host railways.
One of the important advantage of mountains is their military importance for defence against invaders.
Thus mountains enjoy vital importance. If the Neil river is the best God-sent-gift for Egypt, high mountains are the best God sent gift for Afghanistan. 

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