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If Taliban want peace, should agree a ceasefire

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By: Lailuma Noori

The Afghan government has changed its position on peace talks. In accordance to this new position, prior to every peace talks a ceasefire should be set up. Addressing a press conference here in capital Kabul, the Afghan NSA Hamdullah Mohib, “The Afghan government who was in favor of an unconditional peace talks with the Taliban in the past, has now changed position and asks Taliban to make ceasefire prior to start of peace talks if really they want peace”.
NSA Mohib, who was explaining the seven article peace plan of the Afghan government added that if the Taliban are unanimous in believing in peace, the government recommends them a one-month cease fire and Taliban prove themselves.
Adopting of this issue is to specify to what extent the Taliban dominate their militants who are involved in terrorist activities, war and blood-shedding because as NSA Mohib has said all those who are fighting the government and people don’t belong to Taliban faction but parts of these individuals or groups are involved in illegal drug production and trafficking, extraction and smuggling of minerals or depend to local powerful groups who are fighting for private and factional interest, power or money.
After ceasefire it would be clear that on how many militants the Taliban have really domination and based on Taliban intention they would give up violence upon ceasefire. The next reason for this issue is this to find that expected peace talks would take place with which groups who are involved in violence and carry out terrorist activities, not in this way that following talks and achieving of a peace agreement once again violence and wars to be continued and Taliban would join the government based on a peace accord but others would continue wars and violence and the countries who are supporting Taliban at present would shift to support these groups to continue the war in another form and the country fail to restore reliable security and stability.
Taliban have no domination in control on all militants who are currently fighting the Afghan people and government but right now a number of their commanders have joined IS and its strongly possible that in the wake of probable peace accord would continue war and violence.
It is necessary that Taliban should make ceasefire before every peace talks and give up violence if they really want peace. Announcement of ceasefire is touch stone to find that to what extent the talks and possible peace accord would be effective to end violence and restore and guarantee security and stability.
Announcement of ceasefire grants trust and confidence to Afghan people and creates this assurance that this time the peace talks take place sincerely and are intended to end violence and war in Afghanistan and can attract support of Pan Afghan people for talks and possible results.
The Afghan people would only support such a peace process that is honestly intended to end violence to Afghan people, these talks could only be real that is started with ceasefire and take place and advance in transparency, overtly and void of every ambiguity.
The Afghans want the Taliban to make ceasefire and enter talks with the Afghan government.

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