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IECC says over 16,500 electoral complaints registered

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) on Monday announced receiving more than 16,500 complaints, saying the commission is doing its job impartially and according to the law.
Zahra Bayan Shinwari, IECC head, talking to a press conference here said that the complaints registration process was ended on Wednesday.
She said 2,300 of the total complaints were registered in capital Kabul and 4,200 other complaints in provinces.
She added that the complaints lodging process was going on till late night yesterday and the figures may increase.
“Around 8,000 complaints have registered by Stability and Partnership team, around 4,400 complaints lodged by Peace and Islamic Justice team, over 3,000 registered by State Builder team and 15 complaints lodged by Security and Justice team,” she said.
Based on the law, provincial IECC offices would address complaints they received within 15 days after the end of complaints registration process, but if candidates not convinced by the commission’s provincial offices, they can appeal to central IECC office, Shinwari said.
She said that responding to complaints related to other provinces would take another 15 days for IECC.
Mohammad Qasim Elyasi, IECC secretary said complaints they received included violations and electoral crimes.
He said the number of complaints was high and the commission was concerned about it. However, he said IECC was trying to respond to them based on its ability.
On the other hand, Sayed Qutbuddin Roidar, an IECC commissioner, said, “We have the capacity, we send complaints to provinces for decisions,”
If complaints lack evident documents then they would be rejected based on the bill, he said.
Mulavi Din Mohammad Azimi, deputy IECC head said that no decisions would be made in violation to the law.
“There is no any political pressure on us, we are committed like a Muslim and will act based on the law,” he said.
Preliminary election results announced four days ago and Ashraf Ghani who secured 50.64 percent votes is the winner.
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is second by securing over 39 percent votes.
Based on the electoral law, candidates can register their complaints within three days after the announcement of preliminary results and the IECC should respond to them within 15 days.

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