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IEC trying to increase turnout in voter registration centers


Holding of a sound, transparent parliamentary election is one of the serious responsibilities of the government. For this purpose the IEC has extended voters’ registration process in twenty provinces for one additional week.
According to IEC spokesman Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi, this process has been extended in those centers which had failed to complete registration due to different reasons until June 26.2018.
“The IEC decided to prolong voters’ registration process in 112 centers of 20 provinces from July 11 to 18″, he added, the IEC has taken this decision to facilitate people involvement in voters’ registration process. Prior to this, the IEC had extended voters’ registration process in cities for one month and in districts and villages for ten days. .
According to IEC information, the voters’ registration was started on Hamal 25. 1397 (Apr 14.2018) and concluded on Saratan 15.1397 (July 6.2018). Since the beginning over 8900000 people have registered.
Welcoming the extension of this process, CE of FIFA, Yusuf Rashid said, this could pave the way for further partnership in upcoming election. “IEC has to provide the ground for people partnership in election and we welcome it. But we are concerned for one issue that the IEC would escape under this pretext from another main job which is preparing list of voters and sharing with people based on electoral calendar”, he went on to say.
Beside extension of voters’ registration process, the IEC should focus on above job and improve people trust to elections.
No doubt the IEC plays main role in a transparent election but the role of people also cannot be ignored.
People sare not, only voters but they could be observers too.
Increasing security threats are major problem for holding of upcoming election which is one of the basic concern of people and government.
The government should seriously act on disarmement of illegal armedmen and groups as the parliamentary elections are expected to be organized on Mizan 28.1397(Oct 20.2018).
Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.