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IEC should act according to electoral calendar


Afghans voted on September 28, 2019 to select the new president for the county. The people’s presence however was low, but sent a strong message for the enemies, in particular to those who were dreaming the establishment of an interim government.
Afghans were believing that their decision would put positive impact on the future of Afghanistan, including themselves and the future generations of the country. They thought that if make a wise and well calculated decision, they would prevent political chaos in the country and could ensure the republic system of governance, as well as prevent the return of the Taliban’s emirate
Despite all threats, the people cast their votes with the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces provided security for all the polling centers across the country. According to national and international experts, the presidential election was one of the successful elections in the past 18 years.
But much responsibility goes to electoral commissions i.e. the Independent Election Commission and the Independent Electoral Complaint Commission. The destiny of the people’s turnout now belongs to these two electoral commissions. They need to act impartially to win trust and restore its credibility among the people.
In recent days a number of presidential candidates have time and again emphasized on counting of only biometric votes and asked IEC to ignore non-biometric votes of some polling centers. They have also made allegations of interferences of some embassies and government officials in IEC affairs and even have warned of rejecting the results.
Meanwhile some delay in affairs of the commission’s works have further created criticisms among the candidates. Their allegations have even forced some foreign ambassadors, including that of the UK, US and Iran to visit the commission and closely monitor the works. They have asked all the candidates to have patience and wait for the final results.
Indeed, it is the duties of the electoral commissions to take decisions and declare the final results. They need to speed up their works and take steps according to electoral timetable that have already been shared with people and media. These two commissions should tackle all the existed challenges and propagandas and act according to law and restore the lost trust of the citizens.
In previous elections, the situation was so critical that all means of public trust and resources for treating common values had been completely disrupted, and nobody had confidence in the election processes. Therefore, the government decided to entrust all authorities to the political parties and to rivals of the president in order to gain public confidence and have no interference in the election, except for the use of a solitary vote like other candidates.
This new way though initially created some doubts, but it turned out to be solely for trust building of political parties and civil society organizations. Therefore, all the candidates should help the commissions to better perform their duties and should not create any environment that deteriorate the situation and put the country into a new chaos of electoral dispute.
The candidates should respect electoral commissions’ works and decisions, as they did during the campaign and avoid any comments and acts that once again create an atmosphere of mistrust among people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.