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IEC making effort to hold transparent parliamentary elections

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National Unity Government (NUG) is obliged to hold transparent elections and prevent from any kind of interferences in all processes of the elections. Independent Election Commission (IEC) has already started works to hold transparent elections as most of the commission received most of biometric devices to be used during the election day in all polling centers across the country.
Deputy spokesperson to IEC Zabihullah Sadat has considered use of biometric devices as key for transparency of elections, hoping that they would receive all the devices within the day.
“IEC has welcomed any mechanism that helps in transparency of parliamentary elections and we will receive all the 22,000 biometric devices within a day as promised by the government,” Sadat said, adding that IEC has already started training program for its employees so that they can make better use of the devices during the election day.
Use of the biometric devices for holding transparent elections is significant and has increased hopes among the people. Previously, Afghanistan electoral organs had used the oldest mechanisms for holding presidential and parliamentary elections in the country as collecting ballots, specifying precise number of voters, widespread frauds and finally declaration of the elections’ results were facing with lots of problems; which could pave the way for any interferences in results of elections. Now, use of new biometric devices during the election day will help hold free and transparent elections and can save the country from crisis.
According to IEC, it is determined that biometric devices will be soon distributed to 21,000 polling centers across the country. Use of biometric devices during the election day was one of demands of Afghanistan National Coalition that stressed that biometric system should be used for transparent elections in the country, or they would boycott the upcoming elections.
Afghanistan Great National Coalition welcomed using of biometric system soon after the government and IEC started efforts for making use of the system during the election day. Meanwhile, elections monitoring organizations are stressing that the devices should be used in a better way during the election day.
Chief executive of Free and Fair Elections Forum of Afghanistan (FFEFA) Yousuf Rashid says biometric devices should be technically checked first and then transferred without any problems to provinces.
He also considered cooperation of security organs in transferring all biometric devices to districts and provinces as significant and stressed on further cooperation with IEC in this regard.
It is worth mentioning that the country’s defense and security organs have already assured of continued cooperation with IEC in all election processes, saying that serious efforts are underway for maintaining better security and transferring all electoral stuffs to districts and provinces of the country.
Lailuma Noori

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