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IEC delays parliamentary elections’ preliminary results’ announcement

۱۲عقرب۱۳۹۷سید حفیظ الله هاشیمی سخنگوی کمیسیون مستقل انتخابات محمد ولی

KABUL: A spokesperson to Independent Election Commission (IEC) in a news conference has said that preliminary results of the October 20 parliamentary elections would be announced on November 23.
It was determined that preliminary results of the elections would be announced on November 10.
Speaking to journalists in the news conference held yesterday, Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi, the IEC spokesperson, said due to a range of technical problems, IEC has made a decision to delay the announcement as the counting process in some districts and centers has not been completed.
He added that the final results of the October 20 parliamentary elections would be announced one month after the announcement of preliminary results.
The IEC spokesperson stressed that the commission was committed to pave the way for eligible individuals to parliament and address all shortcomings and problems created during the election process.
Regarding to presidential election timetable, the IEC spokesperson said: “It is determined that the presidential and districts council elections will be announced at the end of the current week based on suggestion and plans of political parties and electoral watchdog organizations.
It is worth mentioning that registration process for presidential candidates will be started on Dec 15 and the presidential elections are set to be held on April 20 next year.
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