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IEA, U.S. delegations discuss key issues, releasing Afghanistan assets in Qatar

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Led by Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) delegation met with the U.S. delegation led by the country’s Special Envoy to Afghanistan Thomas West in Doha, capital of Qatar, the other day.
In the meeting, both sides discussed a range of topics including the improvement of relations between the two countries, and the political situation.
Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has said that the U.S. wants interaction with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) and stability in the country.
“Thomas West in the meeting said that U.S. wants interaction with the Islamic Emirate and stability in Afghanistan, said Abdul Qahar Balkhi, a spokesperson to MoFA. He has tweeted that the U.S. does not support any group against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
Both Afghans and the U.S. delegations have continued talks in Qatar to discuss aid to deal with the aftermath of devastating earthquake. According to a statement from the State Department, the United States reiterated an earlier pledge of 55 million dollars in new assistance for earthquake relief.
The statement further said that the two sides discussed in detail the U.S. actions to preserve $3.5 billion in Afghanistan Central Bank reserves for the benefit of the Afghan people. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is seeking a way to unlock some of the country’s foreign reserves, currently frozen by the United States.
International relations experts believe that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) is now ruling on Afghanistan and the international community particularly the U.S. should see it as a new mission and have interaction with the IEA with providing continued assistance to Afghanistan.
Based on international principles, when the war ends in a country and it is stepping towards peace, the international community particularly the U.S. and UN are obliged to resume their mission to support and provide assistance to the mentioned country to return to normal life.
It should be emphasized that the resumption of talks between the delegation of the Islamic Emirates and the United States is a positive step towards improvement of relations between the two countries. In this new round of negotiations, the delegations of the Islamic Emirate and the United States have this time started negotiations according to the existing realities and the common interests of both sides, and their goals are to reach a comprehensive agreement as necessary flexibilities are seen in positions of both sides.
In the sideline of the Afghanistan delegation’s talks with the U.S. side in Qatar, the country’s delegation led by acting Minister of Foreign Affairs has met with representatives and ambassadors of the European Union (EU) in Doha, the capital of Qatar.
In the meeting, both sides shared suggestions, and details on the humanitarian and health crisis in Afghanistan, the educational process, and needs.
The EU member countries asserted their condolences to the victims of the recent earthquake in Afghanistan, adding that they will enhance humanitarian, educational and health assistance in Afghanistan as well as economic development in Afghanistan.
The EU member countries’ delegation in the meeting have expressed their satisfaction with the IEA, insisted on interaction with each other and called for holding such meeting in the future. Afghan experts believe that interaction with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is necessary and the international community should enter with positive and meaningful engagement with the IEA so that both sides work to boost relations between each other.


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