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IDPs miserable life as harsh winter arrives

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By: Kohistani

KABUL: Frozen hands, shaking bodies, barefoot and worn-out cloths of the children, during the harsh winter in one of the displaced comps, indicate that how the internally displaced people are living in a bad situation. Most of these children are seen heating their hands by burning garbage they are collecting at the surrounding. This is to be noted that Afghanistan has been recently reported among the worlds’ poorest country, with 40 percent of the people living below poverty line.
The main reason behind this disaster is war.

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Najiba, Shamsia, Haroon and Ahmad are among the children of the displaced families not only suffering lack of shelter and food, but also facing lack of medicine and suffering critical illness.
They have not also access to safe food and are living under tents during both blazing summer and freezing winter. They are indefinitely facing death threat.
Some of the displaced families complain lack of food and medication and that their children are affected by various seasonal diseases, after seeking safe haven in Kabul.
Meanwhile, the state ministry on natural disaster has recently warned that up to 800,000 displaced people in 25 provinces of the country, are facing threat from cold winter originated diseases and that their children are hit by various seasonal diseases.
A total of $36 million with nearly 40 percent provided by the government and the remaining from the donating countries were expected to be spent for the winter-affected displaced families, everywhere in the country, Ahmad Tamim Azimi, spokesman for the state ministry on the natural disaster told media.
Over $25 million have so far been transferred for the displaced families in some provinces of the country, such as Badakhshan, Takhar, Jauzjan, Faryab, Ghor, Badghis, Nangarhar and Kunar provinces, said Azimi.
Meanwhile, the ministry asked the government for providing more assistance to the displaced families.
War, insecurity and poverty have gathered to contribute to the problems of the Afghan people, particularly during the cold weather.

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