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Icemilk bazaar unfading in Charikar

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Simultaneous with warming of temperature, the bazaar of icemilk suppliers is unfading in provincial capital of Parwan province, Charikar city and hundreds youth are involved in this occupation. Customers from most provinces particularly Kabul attend icemilk shops in separate groups.

In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, one of the icemilk suppliers Haji Jan Agha said, since 16 years, I have been involved in this business as in the outset, I had a small shop. Gradually my business developed and my customers increased. So I rented a bigger shop to meet needs of my growing number of enthusiasts.

He added, I prepare icemilk from original cow milk. I have made contracts with 32 families who keep cows. They every day bring 20-50 cans of fresh cow milks. We boil milk, separate its cream and then make icemilk. We don’t use powder milk or ice-cream materials. Merely we use sugar and original cow milk, because it has unique taste.

He went on to say, beside people of Charikar city, people of Kabul who make picnics every weekend, Fridays or other holidays, as well passengers who travel to the northern province, are among my customers.

He added, I have employed 25 workers who are involved in different jobs in my shop plus me and my two sons. The payments of these workers starts from Afs 10000-18000 per month. Beside icemilk, we serve meals to our customers too if they request. My workers include two invalids, one dumb and six students. My business has gained good reputation not only in Parwan but in Kabul too.Some people abuse my reputation, if I object, they beat me.

Sakinah a local lady in Charikar city who had come with her children to buy icemilk said, I am living in Charikar, upon warming of weather, I come directly to this shop due to its good quality icemilk.

Del Aqa another customer said, every year we go to Salang to hold family picnic and on return, we usually stop here to enjoy delicious icemilk.

Totally, there are 45 icemilk shops in Charikar city and have employed numerous people.

Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.