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‘I have special interest in painting art’

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By: Karima Malikzada

KABUL:  Painting and miniature are of the most valuable fine arts.
The creation of this art was simultaneous with the birth of human beings and now, Afghan people, especially women, have been able to express their talents through painting.
”My love and interest has been in the art of painting since I was a child. After a long time, I finally got into the Maymanagi Art Gallery. And I did hard work to help grow the art,” Marwa Baqizad told The Kabul Times.

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She said she has given up her studies in a professional field and followed the style of realism in the art field, and that she also want to finish her  studies in journalism in order to learn the profession of photography and to visit the beautiful scenic sites and places of the country I take a self-portrait and a painting.
“I have more than thirty works of art so far and I paint most of the historical, cultural and ancient cities of Kabul, especially the natural sites,” she added. She went on as saying that she has full access to the art of painting was able to draw and paint in different ways in a short time, as she has participated in many painting exhibitions, such as the Babar Garden Exhibition, the Ministry of Women Affairs,  Kabul University, as well as in Maymanagi Art Show.
“Most of my paintings have been approved by painting enthusiasts and skilled artists,” Marwa Baqizad said, adding that to display her paintings, she participated in many competitions, especially in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.
“We were asked to attend several paintings competitions, which were about violence against women and violence against families, and that my art were approved by the ministry,” said Ms. Baqizad.
She said that she also received cash prizes and letters of appreciation, including 21 from domestic institutions and cash prizes, which gave me more encouragement in the field of painting so that I could design more paintings,” she continued.
According to her, through the Maymanagi Art Gallery, in some painting institutions, she joined other painting art teams to paint on the walls on various occasions like Women’s Day, peace, children, violence against women, women’s goals, March 8 and the like, to express the problems of wome.
Recently, in Deh Buri, due to March 8 and hearth disease, there was a painting on the wall by her.
About her experiences, she said:  ”My only wish is to take part in national and international competitions and travel abroad and to show the ability of Afghan women that they are not weak and the ability many have not only the art of painting but also in other fields as well.”
Regarding her main goal, she said: “My goal in learning the art of painting is to convey my message door-to-door to all my sisters through art, because in our current society, the majority of women cannot raise their voices against the shortcomings of society.  Personally, this rabid failure that I saw with my own eyes, how women endure it, was that I portrayed all the rabies and reached my goal. When you look at the images, the images themselves have certain words to say.  Each picture chats and tells its own secrets.
According to Baqizad, March 8 the International Women’s Day was celebrated in most countries of the world and that the day was not chosen at random, but as a result of women’s struggles and sucrefices for their rights.
March 8 is International Day of working women and is marked to remember the women’s struggle for equal rights with men and their sacrifices for justice and equality, which is also held in Afghanistan.


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