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Humanitarian assistance made to more than one million families across Afghanistan: ANDMA


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: addressing the State Accountability Program to Nation at Government Media and Information Center (GMIC), Najib Aqa Fahim, State Minister for Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) said: “To prevent and mitigate disaster risks in the year 1398; our major activities included preparing atlas for disaster risk reduction, weekly forecasting weather and informing the provinces about it, developing instructions for provincial commission activity against disasters to reduce vulnerability to floods, implementation of 42 risk reduction projects which worth a total of Afs 131 million in 11 provinces, risk assessment of CASA-1000 projects against natural disasters and construction of Gabion Citation Walls with the length of more than 17 cubic kilometers with the cooperation of IOM INGO.
He stated that their activities in fire hazard mitigation section included, Survey of 252 petroleum and 2600 Business Centers across Kabul, providing precautionary measures to prevent fires and distributing them to surveyed petroleum and business centers; preparing fire preventions plan in petroleum and business centers of Kabul city and formulating its operational plan and exterminating 357 fire incidents by the fire and incident management department of Interior Ministry.
There have been many activities to respond to disasters in the 1398, including the formulation and implementation of a seasonal flood response plan in the 98-97; financial assistance to the heirs, 383 martyrs and 187 injured in natural disasters; financial assistance to 10050 totally demolished houses, 2530 partially demolished houses, distribution of food and non-food items to 55217 affected families, cash donations to 47980 war displaced families, transformation and distribution of 34361 tons of wheat to provinces and distribution of 2544 tons of food via land and air in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense to the districts of Wordoj, Yamgan, Jund, Passband and Charsadda and distributing it to hungry and under siege people, according to the ministry.
Planning 124 mine clearance project, public awareness and assistance to mine victims; assessing the positive impact of mine action on people’s daily life in 48 villages in 26 districts of 13 provinces, Conducting and managing workshops of donors and mine clearance NGOs in Geneva city in Switzerland and describing the plans to attract donors, clearing 121 Square Kilometers of landmines and unexploded ordnance, are the ANDMA’s activities in Coordination and Coherence in Mine Clearance section, the minister added.
“One of the most important parts of the ANDMA activities is to coordinate and coherent the work of government and international relief agencies to reduce the risks and respond to emergencies after an accident,” he noted.
As a result, more than a million families across the country have been covered by humanitarian assistance, including food, non-food, temporary shelter, health services and cash, according to the minister.

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