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HPC strategy needs revision

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The High Peace Council (HPC) says that there are hopes for ensuring peace in the country.
Simultaneous with election of Mohammad Omar Daudzai as presidential envoy in regional affairs for peace consensus and head of HPC’s secretariat, the latter is optimist about changes occurred in Afghanistan peace strategy.
According to this council, as a result of efforts of Daudzai the peace strategy of Afghanistan would be made on the basis of present situation of the region.
According to deputy of HPC, there is a need that the strategy of HPC also should be revised.
“It is natural that revision and bringing changes in HPC strategy is essential that we should adpt ourselves with conditions and ground reality.” The new chief of High Peace Council Secretariat, Daudzai has asserted that with beginning of efforts of Zalmai Khalilzad in Afghanistan peace, some changes have been occurred in the situation and need is felt to create a new strategy for peace of Afghanistan that it would adapt this council with new situation.
We prepare a complete new strategy. We revise the strategies, plans and previous programs and adapt them with present state.
With beginning of Khalilzad mission, new situation has been come into being, either in regional relations or opportunities are created in connection with peace.
The new strategy would cover the consensus that are include of peace negotiations, bringing and safeguarding of peace.
Daudzai that previously visited Taliban in Qatar in the session of Pagwash institution, says that need is felt Taliban should also show inclination by themselves.
About one month ago, Taliban met with a number of HPC members in Moscow and said they only would meet with Americans.
The US authorized Afghan-born American Dr, Zalmai Khalilzad for this meeting.
As special envoy of US Department of State has special effect and influence in the region and now is visiting central Asian nations for negotiation about roadmaps of peace of Afghanistan.
The works of Khalilzad are continuing.
The measures adopting by him and government of Afghanistan as well as inclination of Taliban would reach us into a point for solution of problem. Previously, DaudZai was appointed two times as head office of former president.
He also worked as minister of interior and ambassador of Afghanistan in Iran and Pakistan as well and also had membership of leading council of protection and stability.
He appointed in these posts in a time that a number of witnesses believe Afghanistan is placing in hard political-security situation.
University lecturer, Nasrullah Stanekzai in the connection said that the largest most strategical challenge in such a mission is non coordination in Afghanistan situation among regional and world countries as well as confrontation of interests among these players that this mission should not be faced with problem.
In continuation of efforts for establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan, a fresh government elected delegation for peace negotiation met with president Ghani and some intructions were given to it.
The visit of Khalilzad from region and next week visiting of foreign minister of Pakistan Mohmoud Quraishi from Kabul are the signs of exacerbation of efforts for reaching to stability in Afghanistan.
The government is hoping that Pakistan contrary with the past would take a fresh policy before Afghanistan and play a positive role in negotiation process of Afghanistan.
Supporting peace process and taking practical steps towards reduction of war in Afghanistan is from among the expectations of people of Afghanistan from government.
Lailuma Noori

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