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How satisfied are you with telecommunication networks’ services

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By: Shukria Kohistani

In their negotiations with The Kabul Times reporter, a number of Afghan citizens expressed their consideration in regard with communication services.
This negotiation shows how much of them are satisfying in the connection.
They say that we are not satisfying one hundred percent from these services.
Because the communication networks don’t render communication services to citizens how much it was necessary.
In a number of provinces, the work of communication systems is slow.
One of our citizens, Bahar says that unfortunately, despite a great number of communication networks are functioning country-wide but so far, there are some problems in offering of communication services. Customers feel no facility but vice versa, the internet services are weak either during day or night.
I demand from Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to work more on quality of networks’ services. On the other, the expenditure of rendering internet services should be reduced, because the fee of such services is high.
A Kabul citizen, M. Amin says that the communication companies’ services are very weak.
Apparently, they are rendering internet G4 services while in fact, they deceive people.
He added that beside rendering weak services some times, the money of daily account of citizens are reducing and no responsive is existed in the connection.
To remove all abovementioned problems, the spokesman of ministry of communication and information technology Shir Shah Nawabi says that now, about 28 million people are benefiting from mobile phone services in Afghanistan while it is possible this number to be increased.
Hinting to the customers of internet services, he added that based on figures available, about ten million and 300 thousands citizens have access to internet that majority of them are benefiting from internet mobile.
In connection with reduction of internet mobile fee, Nawabi elucidated that the main incharge of this section is ATRA administration, but we are endeavoring these companies also reduce their internet fees.
In very days of current year, some reports were released that it is planned social networks especially facebook to be limited in Afghanistan.
Former Minister of Communication and Information Technology. Shahzad Aryoubi in Hamal 24 during a meeting in Kabul has said that we give six month moratorium to facebook to accept our policies and laws. Otherwise, facebook would be closed in Afghanistan.
Now, the spokesman of ministry of communication and information technology elucidating the issue and added that former minister of this ministry had no will to close the social network and some mistakes have been occurred.
Now, this ministry is working on safety of this social network in Afghanistan.
He said that this social network never be closed in Afghanistan.
Because, the ministry of communication and information technology is completely committing to the worthies of democracy and freedom of expression.
This is in a time that some citizens of our country because of weak services of communication companies, are complaining from ministry of communication and ATRA administration and claim no one and no institution pay heed in the connection.
One of main problems is this that the credit money of customers are lost. But, when contact be maintained with communication companies, they respond that you are the factors of functioning of communication services, while the customer has no awareness about these services.

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