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House approves law on children support

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By: Masouda Qarizadah

The law contains 16 chapters and 108 articles was sent to presidential office for approval. This law has been one of the most controversial issues in recent years in the lower house due to calling under 18 years as a child. The main objective of this law includes preparing sound education ground the child moral and physical health, specifying of parents and government responsibility before children… etc.
Basic rights of child, empowering of children with disability, social care, cultural growth, care of labor children, support of children against economic exploitation, children business and trafficking, support of children against prostitution and sexual abuse are the advantages of this law.
The house women affairs commission submitted the presidential decree number 362 on this law to the house meeting. Law maker Abdul Qayoom Sajadi said that the legislature commission has mixed safety rights and religious obligation in according to Islam, this law has no problem. Chairwomen of the house women affairs commission Haheed Farid said that in this law the access of right of child to nursery, child safety, social cares, prevention of children employment by armed forces had been inserted and discussed frankly. Law maker Farid added if maturity conditions for children be defined as children legal age, they should be given the right of voting, work and contract too while these rights have not been inserted in other laws. Therefore, withdrawing of child from nursery at twelve or thirteen that maturity signs have probably been seen in them, is in oppression, because he/she lacks legal and actual obligation. This law was approved with 146 votes in favor by the house. The presidential spokesman Seddiq Seddiqi has twitted that the Afghan government will come to these decisions of the house on approval of law on children support. Following approval of the law, majority of law makers particularly female law makers called it a big achievement although a number of cons of this law protested against the house speaker but the house speaker was supported by majority of law makers.
Based on the government data, there are over fifteen million children and teenagers while nine million children attend the school, over two million work and over one million are involved in heavy jobs. In Kabul crowded roads one can see hundred children who are involved in shoe polishing, car washing, selling of plastic bags and even begging.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.