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Hopes for peace despite growing violence

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As hopes have increased for maintaining peace in the country, US forces in Afghanistan say Taliban are continuing to ignore the will of Afghans for peace in the country and continue to fight.
“There is a good opportunity for peace now. We are ready for peace, the Afghan security forces are ready for peace, but the Taliban continue to ignore the will of the people,” a US forces – Afghanistan spokesperson Col. Dave Butler said. Butler stressed that US forces would continue to fight the group if they continue to ignore peace talks. Pointing to increasing threats posed by Daesh in Afghanistan, Butler said Daesh was a serious threat for all the world.
“Daesh is a serious threat not only for Afghanistan but for the whole world. The threat should be concerned by all the world – we’ll continue to fight the group and it should rooted out,” Butler said.
He added that the Afghan forces were doing a very good job and the they have the support of the US and NATO forces with them.
If the Taliban group wants the ongoing war to be ended, they have no choice except holding direct talks with Afghanistan government. If they have another other choice for ending the war in the country, they should share it with the government of Afghanistan. Inclusive talks are necessary for national reconciliation and it is the Afghan government who can debate for ending the war in the country. If the government of Afghanistan is excluded from peace talks, there will no decision to be executed for the ending the war.
Most of political experts believe if any parties to the conflict hope for their success in the ongoing war, they will never get ready for talks. They will only show tendency to peace talks when they face with impasse.
Currently, the international community and a number of domestic groups mostly focus on peace with the Taliban group. The people of Afghanistan also want peace rather than continuation of the ongoing war. Meanwhile, peace talks are considered as top priority in the country.
If the Taliban group do not get ready for comprehensive talks with Afghanistan government, further economic and political pressures should be exerted on supporters of the group and other terrorist groups until the group prefer political settlement rather than violence in Afghanistan.
In the meantime, increasing threats posed by Daesh should be considered as serious as fresh clashes that have erupted between Daesh fighters and Taliban in some parts of Nangarhar and Kunar have result in displacement of thousands of families. Such continuation of violence by Taliban or Daesh is considered as the first and principal deadly tragedy of Afghanistan.
During the continued war in the country, millions of Afghans have suffered, displaced and migrated to neighboring countries. The war has stopped the country from development. Afghans, who are the real victims of the continued war, want only lasting peace and stability and all parties to the conflict should respect the will of people and honestly work for peace in the country.
Lailuma Noori

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